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Tim Tszyu plans to drown Tony Harrison with consistent pressure, says he won’t be allowed any air

Tim Tszyu talks about losing a fight with Jermell Charlo only to find himself in with another top opponent.

Tim Tszyu says Tony Harrison will be shocked by his ring IQ and ability on fight night.

Junior middleweight Tim Tszyu took some time to chat with Fight Hype ahead of his upcoming clash with Tony Harrison, talking about the matchup and how he still intends to seek out a fight against Jermell Charlo once this business is wrapped up. Tszyu believes he’s largely underrated, and that Harrison might be in for a surprise once they meet in the ring. Check out some excerpts of what Tszyu had to say below.

Tszyu on losing the Charlo fight to end up facing Harrison instead

“I was gutted at first. I brought my whole team down. Everything was going so smoothly and I was in the best shape of my life. I was ready to go. These things happen, I guess. I was just disappointed.

“For me it was more getting a fight. I haven’t fought for a long time so I just need someone to get in there with and I needed someone that’s at that 1% caliber, that top, top level. I’m glad this fight (with Harrison) got made.”

On facing off against an American style of boxing

“(They’re) hard to hit, rangy, quick, good reflexes, good eye, good brains. Tony Harrison has got great tools.”

On if he believes his pressure will be too much for Harrison

“That’s what I hope for. It’s gonna be a different type of style. We’ll see what I bring on the night.

“My defense is very underestimated. People don’t realize. They think I’m there but I’m not there. You can see it differently on the outside to what you see on the inside.”

On Harrison believing he’s too green to win this fight

“He’ll be in shock.”

On what he’s currently weighing at this point before the fight

“Not too sure, but I’m definitely not 165. I’m a big boy. I’m getting bigger and bigger. But I’m eating cleanly, everything’s on track. I’ve hired a personal chef now, my food’s on point, and I don’t have much body fat either. (I’m about) 168.”

On his game plan for Harrison

“My game plan is quite simple: get him into the water and drown him. When he wants air, he won’t be allowed any air, and he’ll sink — make him sink. And that’s quite simple.”

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