UNDISPUTED is out now on Early Access!

That is all.

...Ugh fine ¬_¬

Seen as the spiritual successor to the Fight Night games, Undisputed promises to not just bring back the nostalgic feelings of those games, but be its own beast and deliver on being a great boxing game in its own right.

It's cheap right now at £24.99 ($30) which is actually very good for a Early Access title (wouldn't have been surprised if it was released full price) with the price going up when they reach a significant milestone in EA. There is create-a-boxer and career modes to come.

The only issue is that, while Terrance Crawford is in the list of 50 fighters, Errol Spence Jr isn't. I mean, even in the digital reality, that fight is impossible to make. Maybe they will save the match up for DLC...

I'd also like to see a The GOAT ref Steve Smoger as DLC, with the additional option of the fighters getting more bloody with cuts. Hey it's a video game, head trauma doesn't exist (except bashing your head on the wall/desk when you mess up badly/again and again)

Enough rambling, you can find the details below. No I wasn't paid to promote this. Unfortunately ¬_¬

Click here to purchase Undisputed on steam

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