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Keyshawn Davis breaks down Gervonta Davis’ performance against Hector Luis Garcia

Keyshawn Davis credits Gervonta Davis on being a great fighter but admits his selection of opponents leaves much to be desired.

Keyshawn Davis said if he were in Gervonta Davis’ position he would’ve been taking on higher level opponents for some time.

Keyshawn Davis just recently took some time to talk to Fight Hype about his thoughts on Gervonta Davis’ most recent win, being a fan of the sport and not only a fighter. Davis, as usual, gives it straight and honest on how he believes Tank clearly has a lot of talent, but says his resume of opponents is lacking considering where he’s at in his career. Here’s some excerpts of what Keyshawn had to say below.

Davis on his overall impression of Tank’s performance against Hector Luis Garcia

“Every time Tank fight everybody always say during the fight ‘he’s getting hit,’ this, that, and the third. And the next thing you know, Tank knocks ‘em out...Tank is Tank. Tank is great. Tank did the expected, for me.

“I don’t agree a lot what Tim Bradley said, but the one thing I do agree what Tim Bradley said, ‘Aight, Tank, at this point fight somebody, bro.’ You’re selling out all the arenas, you’re a superstar, you’re fore-fronting all the young boxers right now, you was pro before the Devin Haneys, Teofimos, all of that. You was coming up with this point you need to fight somebody, bro. When the fuck are you going to fight somebody?

“If I put myself in that shoes, bro, I would’ve been fighting people. You hear me arguing with Devin Haney like last year. As a fighter I’m already trying to put myself in that position to fight those big fights.”

On if he thinks Tank’s resume is pretty weak

“Like I said, he’s great. I’m not taking nothing from the man, but yes, his record not great for real. His record is not really great. If you look at the landscape of boxing right now, if you look the whole landscape of 135 right now, you tell me how great it is. Let’s be real.

“Now certain things does, ‘hey, that was great’. How he knocked Leo Santa Cruz out, that was crazy. That’s great, okay. Mario Barrios, moving up to go to 140, knock him out — okay, that’s great. But he’s creating his own narrative. What I mean by that is he’s not really fighting the real deal fighters but he gets certain fights to make it interesting.”

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