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Rashidi Ellis and Jaron Ennis trade words at final press conference for Gervonta Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia

Rashidi Ellis says he’s ready and willing to fight Jaron Ennis.

Rashidi Ellis and Jaron Ennis get into a quick war of words regarding a potential fight between them.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During the final press conference for this weekend’s Showtime PPV card, headlined by Gervonta Davis vs Hector Luis Garcia, a couple of notable undercard fighters in Jaron Ennis and Rashidi Ellis were on hand, taking questions from Brian Custer.

At one point Custer asked if both fighters if they’d be willing to face one another, and nearly before he could finish his question Ennis expressed his willingness.

“Let’s go!” Ennis said.

“Let’s go,” Ellis responded. “That can happen real soon. Everybody know what I want. If they paying, I’m playing.”

“We already had this — was supposed to be set up for this fight and what happened?” Ennis asked Ellis.

“It wasn’t paying,” Ellis replied.

“I don’t gotta say nothing else,” Ennis said to the audience.

“You guys talked double the price like it was a lot,” Ellis continued. “Like, come on, bro. You could’ve got it tonight.”

“We can go now,” Ennis said.

“Don’t play with me,” Ellis replied strongly. “Don’t do that. Don’t play with me like that.”

“You ain’t like that,” Ennis shot back.

“No, I’m like that!” Ellis said. “Don’t play like that with me, bro.”

“You all bark,” Ennis laughed, taunting a frustrated Ellis. “He too moody, I got him already. I’m not worried about him.”

After the presser Ellis caught up with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV to talk about what transpired, with Ellis saying that tensions were only running high because he’s ready to fight.

“They got me in a hot moment,” Ellis explained. “I was already mad at Villa about the DMs and stuff. So, yeah, they got me at the right time. I didn’t care who was in front of me at that point.”

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