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‘Who’s gonna stop me?’: Dillon Danis says Logan Paul may get choked out during boxing fight

Dillon Danis is suggesting he may choke out Logan Paul, and says WWE’s Triple H has encouraged him to beat Paul.

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Dillon Danis is threatening to choke out Logan Paul in their boxing fight
Dillon Danis is threatening to choke out Logan Paul in their boxing fight
Photo by Jonathan Brady/PA Images via Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Dillon Danis is teasing that he may break the rules of boxing this Saturday when he faces Logan Paul, saying Paul “may get choked unconscious,” and asking who would stop him if he decided to go into his MMA skills.

In an interview with Fred Beck, Danis, who hasn’t had a fight of any kind since his last MMA bout in 2019, threw out the threat.

“I think people pick Logan because they’ve never seen me box, and in my MMA fights my boxing didn’t look that good and I’m pulling guard and shit like that,” Danis said. “But I have a lot of ways to win. He only has one way. He may get choked unconscious, we’ll see.”

Asked what Paul’s “one way” to win is, Danis replied, “Boxing. I’ve got every single arsenal in my, you know.”

When reminded that it is a boxing match, Danis said, “Says who? Who’s gonna stop me?”

Danis also discussed meeting several WWE stars and officials recently — it comes up because Paul, of course, has worked there — including Paul “Triple H” Levesque, whom he claims encouraged Danis to beat Logan on Saturday.

“Triple H was a little bit standoffish, but he was telling me, like, he’s, like, ‘Yeah, go beat Logan’s ass, because we give him swirlies in the back, he’s not one of the boys,’ and shit like that. He really did tell me that.”

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