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‘I’m in there to put punishment on you for 12 rounds’: Brian Mendoza talks upcoming fight with Tim Tszyu

Brian Mendoza will challenge Tim Tszyu for his junior middleweight title this weekend in Australia.

Brian Mendoza says he’s prepared to do damage for as long as it takes to get the win over Tim Tszyu.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Brian Mendoza gears up for his junior middleweight title fight with Tim Tszyu, he speaks to media members about this opportunity and wanting to make the most of it. Mendoza has full confidence in his own ability and power, and thinks he’s an even better puncher than Tszyu. Check out some of what he had to say below.

Mendoza on who is the bigger puncher in his matchup with Tszyu

“Me. I think that’s just based off the resume and what I’ve done. I have more one-punch knockouts...once he gets you, he’s a finisher and everything, but I think just based on on the facts that I have more explosive shots.

“The thing about me is I have power but I’m not just a power puncher. I don’t go in there trying to look for one shot. I’ll hurt you for 12 rounds. You know, old school, like I think of Miguel Cotto vs Mayorga — that was a 12th round last second knockout. I’m even content with that.

“I do look for the knockout, I want to put on a big show. I think that’s why I even got called here to this beautiful country in the first place for this title fight. But I’m in there to put punishment on you for 12 rounds. Yeah, I have one-shot knockouts here and there, but you’ve seen my last few fights, it’s been the fifth round, sixth round, seven. And I carry the power late and I’m totally fine however long the fight needs to go for me to get that victory, that’s what I got to do.”

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