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‘That’s the most frustrating thing about boxing’: Malik Scott laments the inactivity of Deontay Wilder

Malik Scott says Deontay Wilder isn’t the star he might otherwise be if the business of boxing didn’t stand in the way.

Deontay Wilder’s lead trainer admits he’s not thrilled with his fighter sitting on the sidelines for long periods of time.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During a conversation with Fight Hub TV, trainer Malik Scott touches on a number of subjects including his heavyweight Deontay Wilder, who still hasn’t been scheduled for his next outing. Scott says he only wants to best for Wilder and would love to see him fight on a more regular basis, but the current state of boxing doesn’t make things so simple. Check out some of what Scott had to say on that subject below.

“If a fighter lives a nightlife, right, but he’s in the gym, even though he’s dead wrong for living a crazy nightlife but he’s mixing it with training, I’m more slightly comfortable with that than the game people have,” Scott said. “And I wouldn’t say ‘have done’ to Deontay, just the inactivity position they put him in.

“He’s the hardest puncher in the history of the sport, the most dynamic fighter in the history of the sport, but he needs to be active. It’s a very frustrating time for me because I care about him — he’s just not my fighter, he’s my brother, I want the best for him. And by me wanting the best for him, that includes him being active.

“He hasn’t been active. He has been training. He’s waiting for these megafights to jump off, he’s negotiating himself. He’s in control of everything that’s happening, but the so-called higher powers that be can still sometimes hold things up from a financial, business standpoint.

“And that’s the most frustrating thing about boxing, to me. It’s the business standpoint. And he’s not the only fighter, heavyweight at the highest level, that’s inactive. To me, none of them are really fighting enough. None of them. It’s like a holiday when these guys fight now and that’s crazy. It’s crazy but it’s business.

“There’s a huge chance that a kid can have a favorite fighter — he can look up to that fighter and can’t wait to see him fight — do you know that same little kid can only see that fighter probably fight once every 17 months, once every 13 months. That’s crazy. That’s not like the times like back in the day when the fighters used to fight.

“Muhammad Ali was people’s hero because they saw him active a lot. George Foreman was people’s hero because they saw him active a lot. I want my brother, who has all hero quality, Deontay Wilder, who’s the most dynamic, who’s has a huge personality, a huge presence, I want him more active and I want his inactivity to disappear.”

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