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KNOCKOUT! Slim Albaher comes back to stop Salt Papi: Full fight highlights and results

Slim Albaher stopped Salt Papi in the fourth round of their Misfits Boxing fight in Manchester.

Slim Albaher stopped Salt Papi in the fourth round
Slim Albaher stopped Salt Papi in the fourth round
Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Slim Albaher knocked out Salt Papi to win the Misfits Boxing middleweight title today in Manchester, in what was billed as “The People’s Main Event” on Misfits’ huge Prime Card.

Salt Papi, who was coming off of a loss to Anthony Taylor on a Misfits card in May, showed up in better cosmetic shape than we’ve ever seen him before, but it was noted that he’d had to drop a good bit of weight to do that.

Salt looked sharp for two rounds, but was caught and dropped in the fourth, and really was done there.

He got up, but Slim kept pouring on the pressure until referee Rafael Ramos stopped the fight with Salt still on his feet, but clearly out of it and taking a beating.

“What a fight, man. I gave him his props, he pushed me. I took this fight as an underdog,” Slim said.

“I told him he fucked me up those first two rounds, but I got that right hand sniper, baby, it only takes one. The first couple rounds he had me, he was piecing me up, but I wanted to counter the counter-puncher, and it worked.”

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