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‘I was trying to change the system of boxing’: Ryan Garcia reflects on loss to Gervonta Davis, talks big fights ahead

Ryan Garcia claims he still has plans to reinvent the sport of boxing for the better.

Ryan Garcia says he could beat Gervonta Davis without a rehydration clause.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following his press conference announcing his upcoming fight against Oscar Duarte, Ryan Garcia spoke to boxing media members about how he views his career following his loss to Gervonta Davis, wanting a rematch, and his plans to reinvent the sport of boxing. Check out some of what Garcia had to say below.

Garcia on what’s the biggest fight in front of him

“I’m interested in all of them. Obviously you always want to run it back when you take a loss. I feel like under different circumstances I could beat (Gervonta Davis). But also Devin Haney, we have history in the amateurs and he obviously has a pretty big fan base so that would be great, too. And Teofimo, he can talk his ass off and his dad, too. So that would be crazy. I think Teofimo interests me a lot because I just think that whole lead up will be crazy.”

On what conditions he believes he’d beat Tank

“Everybody knows the obvious of what I’m talking about. Can you do an interview dehydrated? No. Imagine boxing. So, for me, just level playing field. If you beat me, you beat me. It is what it is. I took that fight because, again, I was trying to change the system of boxing.

“As you see, Showtime’s out, but if they had came to me earlier, or other people, let me run it the way I know this new generation needs to be run — it’s a whole different system. And there’s a lot of unbelievers on how you should run it now.

“Not everything’s on TV no more. There is really no network, it’s all social media. So I was trying to pioneer that and also was trying to change the blueprint of having to wait for those big fights, over-marination. So I bit the bullet on that one but I did it for a good cause and hopefully I inspired these fighters on how to do it now, how to make the big fights now and how to run boxing now.”

On how he sees the future of boxing

“I think there is a new way to do it. I think we as boxers need to come together and collectively come to a solution on how to keep boxing thriving because it is a great sport...Me and Terence Crawford have had conversations and we’re going to be talking more about some plans, and just try to re-innovate what’s going on. I feel like I have the mind to do it.

“I mean, you’ve never seen a real boxer make $30M, never won a title. How did I do it? I’m here to show the new blueprint. So this is what we’re going to do.”

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