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‘That’s a fight that I will make’: Chris Eubank Sr prefers his nephew Harlem face Conor Benn

Chris Eubank Sr announces he will be guiding the career of Harlem Eubank, and that he’s the one who should be fighting Conor Benn.

Chris Eubank Sr says his nephew Harlem Eubank has all the tools to be a star.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In an interview with iFL TV, Chris Eubank Sr makes a formal announcement that he will be leading the career of his nephew, Harlem Eubank going forward. And speaking about his plans for Harlem, Eubank Sr says he believes Harlem should be the one to fight Conor Benn rather than his son, and that’s a fight he will see come to fruition.

“The point is Conor Benn,” Eubank Sr. said. “Let’s have it. Let’s have it right. The promoters have been actually breaking moral law, never mind legal law, matching fighters who are like 16 pounds difference in weight. So two weight — one was Kell Brook and GGG. That’s criminal behavior.

“Rules are in place for a reason, to keep fighters safe. Now, (Harlem’s) 147, Conor’s 147. (Harlem) is Eubank, okay, he is my son now. His father has now left this, as I’ve mentioned, he’s my son now. So I push the right fight. Junior is 160, 168, he walks around at a heavier weight. It’s a two-weight difference between.

“That’s just done by those who’ve created this idea of the Misfits, whatever works to sell a show and make money from the people. I’m talking about pure boxing. (Harlem) is 147, Benn is 147. That’s a fight that can be made, and that’s a fight that I will make.

“Bad blood between them? There’s no bad blood between Junior and (Benn). But now there is a little tension because them trying to boil him down to 157 — (Harlem) has a feeling about that, he loves his cousin.”

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