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‘A scared performance’: Tim Tszyu reacts to Jermell Charlo’s loss to Canelo Alvarez

Tim Tszyu says Jermell Charlo hasn’t been fighting with any real desire for some time now.

Tim Tszyu says Jermell Charlo didn’t fight up to the hype he built up about himself.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Media reporters caught up with junior welterweight Tim Tszyu to get his take on Jermell Charlo’s latest outing against Canelo Alvarez. Tszyu, who has inadvertently developed a bit of a rivalry with Jermell, shared some of his thoughts here.

Tszyu on Charlo’s performance against Canelo

“I thought for what he said, who he is, calling himself like ‘The Lion’ — that wasn’t a lion performance, that’s for sure. I felt like it was sort of like a scared performance, very — I wouldn’t say smart performance, but very defensive-minded-type, in there to survive, not in there to win type of performance.

“From the first round, he literally didn’t start doing anything. Even when shit wasn’t going good, his coach was saying ‘man, you’re losing the fight, you got to press.’ Still didn’t press. There was no ring control, just sort of moving, running.”

On if he was surprised that Charlo fought that way

“I’ve seen it in a few of his fights, like the first Castano fight, he was in cruise control. I thought Castano won that fight. Even the Tony Harrison fight, if it wasn’t for that last round 11 when he landed the left hook, Tony Harrison would’ve won that second fight as well. I don’t see too much competitiveness in him, like that willingness to risk it all and win. That’s just my opinion.”

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