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‘It’s all about getting the win’: Leigh Wood focused on the task at hand against Josh Warrington

Leigh Wood says he’s keeping things on an even keel as he heads into weekend fight with Josh Warrington.

Leigh Wood says he’s well prepared to make the most of his fight against Josh Warrington.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Leigh Wood takes some time to chat with iFL TV about this weekend’s fight against Josh Warrington, having some fun with the festivities, and being prepared to face the best version of Warrington there is. Check out some excerpts of what Wood had to say below.

Wood of making a show about arriving for media day in a Ferrari

“It gets people talking...It’s my friend’s car. I don’t think Josh is very happy about it, he seems to be getting a little bit aggressive. I think he’s a little bit jealous but my friend said if he wants a lift around the block, take him around the block, put his backpack on and take him for a drive.

“I’ve noticed a little change in Josh. He’s getting a little bit more aggressive. You don’t have to swear a lot for people to like you. The last few days I feel like he’s changing a little bit and maybe he’s trying to rile me up. But like I said, I’m cool, calm, collected. I’ve been here many times.”

On what this opportunity against Warrington means to him

“It’s gonna be an unbelievable atmosphere but it’s all about the win. It’s all about getting the get these belts I’ve sacrificed a hell of a lot, I’ve worked incredibly hard, blood, sweat, tears in normal camps. It’s all for this (belt) and I’m not letting it go for no one, especially from someone from Leeds.”

On if he believes Warrington is still at his best

“I believe he’s at his best, I say Josh is past his best, I think that’s a false allegation on his part because I think he’s at his best. And especially Saturday night, he knows what he could lose if he loses this fight so he’s up for this.”

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