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Mike Perry says he’s replacing Dillon Danis, Danis claims he’s still fighting Logan Paul on Oct. 14

Mike Perry indicates that he will be facing Logan Paul in nine days, replacing Dillon Danis, but Danis says he’ll still be there.

Mike Perry says he’ll replace Dillon Danis and fight Logan Paul
Mike Perry says he’ll replace Dillon Danis and fight Logan Paul
Misfits Boxing
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

“Platinum” Mike Perry has indicated that he’s “in” to face Logan Paul on Oct. 14, replacing Dillon Danis in the scheduled Misfits Boxing bout on their massive card next week in London.

But Danis says he’s still going to be there. Earlier today, Danis posted on social media that Paul “doesn’t deserve” to fight him, and that he was “out” of the bout.

Not long after, Danis indicated he would still fight Paul on the 14th.

Perry posted that he’s “in” to face Paul, having been set as the replacement opponent in the very possible event that Danis once again did not actually show up for a scheduled fight, as had already happened to Misfits when they scheduled him to face KSI in early 2023.

Not long before that video, Perry had posted that he was “ready af,” tagging Paul.

The 32-year-old Perry has a career record of 14-8 in mixed martial arts and 3-0 in bare knuckle, and is in all reality a far more dangerous opponent for Paul in a boxing match than Danis would be.

We’ll see if Paul vs Danis actually happens, or if Perry is, indeed, “in.” Either way, we don’t actually care that much, but there you go, there’s the big update.

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