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Brian McIntyre pleads guilty to gun possession, receives suspended sentence

The offense traditionally carries a five-year prison sentence

Chris Eubank Jr v Liam Smith II Press Conference Photo by Jess Hornby/Getty Images

Brian “BoMac” McIntyre has avoided the statutory five-year prison sentence he faced after English authorities found a gun and ammunition in his luggage at Manchester Airport. Ollie McManus put together a play-by-play of today’s sentencing hearing, which saw McIntyre plead guilty and receive a 20-month suspended sentence after Terence Crawford and other character witnesses testified in support.

McIntyre, who was in the UK to oversee Chris Eubank Jr’s beatdown of Liam Smith, is free to return to the States. So long as he doesn’t commit any further crimes on UK soil within the next two years, he’s a free man.

Personally, I still deeply crave the story of how all this came about. If he brought the gun with him from the States, that means he somehow got it through TSA security. If he got it in the UK and tried to bring it home, that means he somehow procured a gun on British soil without a license, which would be both incredibly difficult and incredibly pointless.

C’mon, we need that tell-all interview as soon as he’s back home and confident they won’t extradite him.

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