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‘Let’s fight’: Ohara Davies ready to settle feud with Tony Bellew in the boxing ring

Ohara Davies admits he’s still not over Tony Bellew throwing him under the bus years ago, and says he’s willing to move up to fight him.

Ohara Davies expects to fight Ismael Barroso next, but is willing to take on Tony Bellew.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Ohara Davies spent some time chatting with iFL TV on a number of subjects, including what he expects to be a formally announced fight against Ismael Barroso on the verge of happening. Davies also credits rival Jack Catteral for his most recent win, but has more harsh feelings towards Tony Bellew whom he says he’d be willing to fight. Here’s some excerpts of what Davies had to say below.

Davies on if he’ll face Ismael Barroso next

“It was in Dubai I was meant to fight him. He had some visa issue or passport issue so the fight, it didn’t happen when it was meant to. But second time lucky, he’s got his visa to go out to The States, so have I. He can’t avoid me. It’s been ordered by the WBA, he can’t avoid me.

“I’m expecting the fight to get announced sometime this week, which is what I’ve been told. The paperwork has been finalized from what I’ve been told, should get an announcement in the next few days, probably by the time this goes online.”

On Jack Catterall’s performance against Jorge Linares

“I think Jack fought a good fight. I actually expected Jack to go in there and really get beat. I thought he’d probably get beat but, listen, he done what he was meant to do. It was quite a boring fight, there was no real action, but Jack done what he had to do...and even though I don’t like Jack, I’ve got to give him props when it’s due and he fought a good fight.”

On his beef with Tony Bellew

“My feelings towards him is if he wants to make it happen I’ll come up in weight and I’ll take him out. I don’t care what weight he is right now. Ask him to get in the gym, train — ‘cause I seen him on the TV a few days ago looking a bit chubby...guy’s gone massive, just completely let himself go since he last boxed. But if he wants to make it happen, tell him I’ll come up in weight, he can come down a bit because he’s a bit fat right now. Tell him to lose a bit of weight, I’ll come up in weight and we can make the fight happen.

“We’ve been talking online and we’ve gone back and forth for years now, it’s been years we’ve been going back and forth...let’s fight. Let’s fucking fight.”

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