looking for a fighter's name

Hi I'm looking desperately for a fighter who has a very peculiar style.

It was maybe a couple of years ago, maybe more, around covid times. Based on where I was, it was within late 2018 to early 22. Probably on a dazn show but not necessarily.

The fighter I'm looking for is not big, fighting at no more than 147, probably lower. He was an unknown (to me) b side in the fight I saw, probably early on the undercard. I think he was from Latin America if I'm correct.

His main thing is that he would fight with a constant side to side pendulum motion, with a one hand guard that he was switching with every side to side movement. And he would put his hand on the "wrong" side, he was guarding his left side of his face with his right hand and vice versa, and turn the other side of his face away.

I think he lost the one I saw by stoppage.

I have been combing through boxrec and looking up videos of all the fights for all the events I remember seeing, but still can't find anything.

Much appreciated if someone remembers him.

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