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‘Tank’s going to get exposed soon’: Timothy Bradley says Gervonta Davis has been protected by handlers

Timothy Bradley says Tank’s handlers have been carefully picking his match-ups to their advantage.

Timothy Bradley says there’s a few fighters who give Gervonta Davis more than he can handle.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Timothy Bradley joins a conversation with Fight Hype to share some of his thoughts on Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and why he believes his days are likely numbered before he gets exposed in the ring against a worthy opponent. Check out some excerpts of what Bradley had to say below.

Bradley on his thoughts about Gervonta Davis

“Tank’s going to get exposed soon. He going to get exposed soon. He get in there with the right guy, Shakur Stevenson, he going to get exposed. I’m noticing a pattern with a lot of the PBC fighters, man. Inactivity is one of them; when they really do get in there with a real dog, live dog, and they get hit in the face, they all bow out. A lot of the guys do.

“You’re seeing that there’s levels to this game and I think that after seeing him fight against Cruz and I saw different wrinkle in him and he definitely boxed, but I did also saw that he didn’t like that toughness that Cruz brought. He didn’t like that heat.

“I can just tell, man. The body language, me being an athlete, me being a fighter my entire life, I just see certain things, certain intangibles in fighters, and I just feel that I see that with Tank. Things get hot in there and he can’t have his way, you can beat him.

“So a guy like Shakur Stevenson, if Shakur was to get in there and was to hit him and not get hit, he would definitely fold under pressure. That’s what I feel. I think he would fold under pressure.

“There’s a lot of times where Tank gets behind in fights and then he finally catches you with a shot after he lure them in and they start fading a bit, because he’s an explosive guy. But what happens when you can’t land that shot? What are you going to do then? And I think Shakur’s that guy to expose that.”

On if he thinks Devin Haney and Teofimo Lopez could expose Tank as well

“Oh yeah. I think those guys too because those guys hit back. See, Haney don’t get a whole lot of credit because he ain’t got no power so a lot of people not going to give him credit, a whole lot of credit, because they like ‘how are you going to hurt this guy,’ but they don’t really realize that you don’t have to have power to be able to out-box a guy, be able to out-think a guy. Floyd has shown that many times.

“Haney is not Floyd but he has his way. He’s pretty technical in a sense, but he’s really tactically sound. He knows how to do the right things at the right I think Tank ain’t really fought a guy that has that same mentality like him.

“I really do think that it’s going to come soon, and that’s the reason they don’t put Tank in the ring with anybody that’s threatening, because they know, they see exactly what I see, and they know exactly what I know. That’s why it took so long for Spence to get in the ring with Crawford.”

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