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‘I put on a bad performance’: Shakur Stevenson reacts to his decision win over Edwin De Los Santos

Shakur Stevenson says he wasn’t phased by the boos of the crowd, but wishes he put on a better performance for his idols in attendance.

Shakur Stevenson apologizes for not putting on a better show.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following last night’s win over Edwin De Los Santos, Shakur Stevenson found himself having to apologize for the snoozefest, which he says did not meet his own standards. Talking to the media after the fight, Stevenson shared some of these thoughts with boxing media members.

Stevenson on being skittish in the ring

“Ya’ll act like I was being scary, he was being scary that a motherfucker, too.”

On what adjustments he had to make in the fight

“I just had to take control. There was a certain point in time where I told myself ‘take control, don’t give him shit, and make sure that I land when I get my opportunity.’”

On having Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward, and Terence Crawford all in his dressing room before the fight

“Yeah that’s dope. I got Floyd to come to a Top Rank fight. He came here to support me. I appreciate Floyd. I apologize to him, I apologize to Andre Ward, I apologize to Terence Crawford — all my idols. I put on a bad performance. They came to see a great performance, I put on a bad one.

“I came here, I gave it my all.”

On why he believes he put on a bad performance

“It just wasn’t me, man. I had a lot going on. I ain’t gonna make no excuses, it was a good fight, just a bad performance and not my standards.

“I don’t make no excuses, I own up to everything. I was supposed to put on a better performance than that.”

On being booed by the crowd

“When I hear the booing, I don’t care. I seen the greats get booed...I don’t care. At the end of the day some nights you gonna have these nights and some nights they gonna love you so the nights that they love me, I can’t wait for ‘em.”

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