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‘That was my tune-up’: Jermall Charlo looking for bigger opportunities after beating Jose Benavidez Jr

Jermall Charlo seemingly wavers on his interest in fighting Caleb Plant next.

Jermall Charlo says he’s ready to jump back into the deep end after shaking the rust off against Jose Benavidez Jr.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following his decision win over Jose Benavidez Jr over the weekend, Jermall Charlo spoke to the media at his post fight press conference to discuss the win and what he’s looking to do from here now that he’s officially back in action.

Charlo on when he knew for sure he had the fight with Benavidez Jr in hand

“Probably maybe like the third round. I really felt good in the third round, I thought he was out of there. I wanted to get him out of there but Jose was strong. He got some good work with his brother in camp, obviously, you could tell. He stood up to my height and my range. I mean, he was a professional tonight and he made it a fight. He made it hard, he was rough, he hit my behind the head, hit me in the back, he hit my in my ankle. I dealt with it all, it was a good fight. It was a fight, no complaints over here.”

On if he thinks he would’ve performed even better had he took a couple tune-ups before fighting Benavidez Jr

“Nah, that was my tune-up, then we going for bigger and better things. And that’s what I want for ‘24, I want to fight a lot more this coming year, we’re going to give the fans a lot more Jermall Charlo inside and outside the ring. I want to show ya’ll my life, my lifestyle, my beautiful kids, beautiful wife, beautiful family, beautiful problems. My oil need change in the car, I got to get back and do that and plant some garden, some seeds — everything, I want ya’ll to see it all. I’m a regular human being, alright.”

On if he wants to settle his beef with Caleb Plant now

“Yeah, for sure. Like the whole world can come out and watch that Plant fight. Man, when I get a chance to do what I — he lucky tonight I didn’t go down there and slap his bitch ass. But I’m not mad at that, I don’t want revenge. I’m gonna get it the right way, we’re gonna make these millions.

“My revenge is going to be taking care of my family. Man, we ain’t worried about none of that. Like talk to me about something good. That shit old, that shit stale. We want something new. Who got the belts? He don’t got no belt. He struggling right now; we’re not worried about him. We’re still on top, we’re looking good.”

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