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‘You’re a one-trick pony’: Devin Haney says Regis Progais not skilled enough to beat him

Devin Haney and Regis Prograis come face-to-face for a conversation ahead of their Dec. 9 showdown.

Devin Haney is confident there is a skill gap between Regis Prograis and himself.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In anticipation of the upcoming December 9 collision between Devin Haney and Regis Prograis, with a WBC 140 lb world title on the line, both fighters sat down for an in-person conversation with Chris Mannix to build the drama. Check out some excerpts below with the full video in the link above.

Haney on why fighting Prograis in his first fight at 140 is the right move

“I mean I feel like, arguably, he’s the best at 140 and I feel like I’m the best fighter in the world so why not go at the best in the division on my first fight there. I take the throne when I’m victorious.”

Prograis on being surprised Haney took this fight

“I feel like I’m the best. You take a warm-up first, see what you can do at ‘40 first. But he coming to step to the best so I’m kind of surprised by it. I’m surprised but I’m not because Bill was at the last one so they saw that and thought ‘alright, maybe we can do something.’”

Prograis on if Haney is prepared for what’s coming

“No. He don’t know what he’s getting into. Absolutely, no. Hell no, you don’t know what you’re getting into. Absolutely not.

“Honestly, I’m scared to look in your eyes because I’m gonna hurt you. I’m going to hurt you.”

Haney then interjected to respond

“You’re not going to do shit. You’re a one-trick pony, you can’t do nothing.”

Haney on calling Prograis a one-trick pony

“In his fights he does the same thing over and over. And when that shit don’t work everything go out the window; he don’t know what to do, he’s lost.

“He ain’t fixing to do nothing different than he been doing. He ain’t gonna learn no new moves. He been doing the same thing his whole career, it’s nothing he can go in the gym to go work on and go change. Even if he go work in the gym, on fight night he gonna do the same thing he been doing.”

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