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‘I just need to settle the score with this man’: Conor Benn says Chris Eubank Jr fight still the one in demand

Conor Benn says he’s agreed to terms to face Chris Eubank Jr once again.

Conor Benn says he still has unfinished business with Chris Eubank Jr.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Conor Benn talks to Matchroom Boxing and indicates he’s closing in on a deal to stage a fight against Chris Eubank Jr. Benn, who had the previously scheduled fight with Eubank canceled over a positive PED test, says he still needs to settle that business and end the career of Eubank.

Benn on being called out by Harlem Eubank while he targets a fight with Chris Eubank Jr

“Eubank Jr is the name everybody wants. Eubank’s name holds weight but I’m not really interested in Eubank’s nephew, to be honest. It’s just about going out there and settling the beef that needs settling with Chris. And that’s all that matters, all the public wants. It’s in demand.

“And it’s just sad to see the father and son fall out and not work together. I respect my elders and if Team Eubank wants to join Team Benn, as in Senior, he’s more than welcome to join. I’ll take him on in an advisory role. He’s a well-experienced man, he knows what he’s doing, but it’s sad to see. It is what it is.”

On where things stand with negotiations for a fight with Eubank Jr

“It’s agreed, my end. We’re ready to go. As for who ring walks second and first, and name first, second — it doesn’t really matter. For me, getting in there 160 is no problem. I don’t want to hear no excuses once he gets his ass handed to him.

“This is a fight that keeps lingering around so I just need to settle the score with this man and put this to bed, and put him to bed, tuck him in nicely.

“Listen, I will dismantle him. I will ruin him. He gets absolutely destroyed, there’s no comeback. There will be no comeback after he fights me. When I said I’ll beat him, I’ll put him into early retirement. I will put him into retirement and I said that before, people didn’t believe me. Look at the performance against Smith. If that was me it would’ve been done in two rounds.

“I give him two or three rounds, tops, and I end his career. At least he can sail off into the sunset.”

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