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‘He has pillow hands’: Regis Prograis not intimidated by Devin Haney’s power

Regis Prograis talks about his upcoming 140 pound title defense against Devin Haney.

Regis Prograis expects a dominant showing against Devin Haney.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Regis Prograis heads into his upcoming clash with Devin Haney in a 140 pound title defense, he speaks to Brian Custer on the Last Stand Podcast about the first of what he expects will be many big fights to come. Check out some excerpts of what Prograis had to say below.

Prograis on being treated like the B-side despite being the reigning champion at 140

“Honestly it feels like the whole thing is a big slap in the face. It’s disrespect. They’re treating me like the B-side. Even with Eddie, he asked me to talk first (at the press conference). No, you don’t do that. That’s why my coach said ‘no, we not doing that, we not talking first.’ He’s the challenger, I’m the champion.”

On what kind of fight he’s expecting from Haney with talks of him working with Freddie Roach for this fight

“He’s never fought nobody like me. I don’t care if he’s with Freddie Roach. I don’t care if he trains with whoever, Freddie Roach is not going to matter. And, yeah, (Haney) looks bigger but he doesn’t hit hard.

“He put out a video hitting the heavy bag the other day, he was sitting on his punches, you can see his muscles coming out, and he still hits soft. He has pillow hands. So that doesn’t matter, he can put on size all he wants. He might be physically stronger but he doesn’t hit harder.”

On believing he can really hurt Haney

“I’m going to stop him. I feel like I’m gonna stop him. He’s been hit. People says Haney’s a defensive this — he’s not defensive master, he gets hit. He gets hit flush with a lot of shots. He’s not like a Floyd or nothing like that, no. He gets hit with a lot of shots, a lot of big shots...Loma was touching him up, he’s a ‘22 pounder, ‘26 pounder. Loma’s really good, his skills, but he’s a smaller guy. Linares, same thing, smaller guy. Jojo Diaz, a smaller guy. All these guys are small.

“He’s never been hit by somebody like me. I’m a real ‘40 pounder and I have power in both hands. So I definitely feel like I’m going to stop him for sure.”

On if he wants to fight either Ryan Garcia or Teofimo Lopez after beating Haney

“Both of those fights. For sure, I want both of them. I want big fights...I want the big fights, I want the big names. That’s it. PPV status fights, for me, that’s the only thing I want and I’m just so glad, I’m starting with Haney.”

On Rolly Romero talking badly about him on social media

“I will fight Rolly. Rolly is the saddest champion, to me, in boxing to me right now. Rolly is the worst champion in boxing...if we can fight Rolly, I’ll fight Rolly. Bro got a belt, it will be a big fight but I think Rolly is the saddest champion in boxing right now. He’s the worst champion in boxing right now.

“Rolly got knocked out, he got his ass dropped by that old ass man. Man, that man was 60-something years old, he got whooped by that man, and they just gave it to Rolly. Like come on, bro.”

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