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How to watch Rodriguez vs Edwards, Jake Paul vs August, final Showtime card: Boxing streaming and TV schedule for Dec. 13-16, 2023

We’ve got Bam vs Sunny! Jake Paul! Showtime saying goodbye to the boxing world! AND MORE this week!

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Jesse Rodriguez and Sunny Edwards at their press conference
Jesse Rodriguez and Sunny Edwards highlight this week’s boxing schedule
Ed Mulholland/Matchroom
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.


  • Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez and Sunny Edwards meet in a flyweight unification fight on Saturday night, live on DAZN!
  • Showtime bows out of the boxing game with one more show, also on Saturday night, featuring David Morrell Jr taking on Sena Agbeko in the main event!
  • Jake Paul returns Friday against “The Professional Fighter” Andre August! No PPV, DAZN regular! A true treat for the boxing audience, which loves Jake Paul!!!
  • And MORE!

Wednesday, Dec. 13

DAZN and Social Media, 1:00 pm ET, Jake Paul vs Andre August press conference.

ProBox TV, 8:00 pm ET, Batyrzhan Jukembayev vs Mohamed Mimoune. The final ProBox card of 2023 was originally advertising Radivoje “Hot Rod” Kaladjzic vs Sullivan Barrera as the main event. This is about the same, maybe slightly better. Kelvin Davis is again being loaned out by Top Rank, plus Najee Lopez is on the card. John will be here to ProBox it up real good. BLH will have live updates.

Thursday, Dec. 14

DAZN and Social Media, 3:00 pm ET, Rodriguez vs Edwards press conference.

DAZN and Social Media, 5:00 pm ET, Jake Paul vs Andre August weigh-in. Paul usually weighs in early in the morning and then has these “ceremonial” weigh-ins for the public. Not sure there’s much of a public for this one but expect the same as usual.

DAZN and YouTube, 9:00 pm ET, Tito Sanchez vs Walter Santibanes. A Golden Boy card from the Fantasy Springs. It’s about like all of these are on paper.

TrillerTV+, 9:00 pm ET, Fight Club OC. I think that’s what it’ll be called now anyway, as FITE becomes TrillerTV on Dec. 13. Triller have owned the company a while now and haven’t screwed it up or anything, but with the branding change we’ll see! I hope it stays the same as it’s been, basically! FITE has been an excellent service for a long time, including under Triller ownership.

Friday, Dec. 15

TrillerTV PPV, 2:00 pm ET, Samir Ziani vs Jose Macias.

DAZN and Social Media, 3:00 pm ET, Rodriguez vs Edwards weigh-in.

DAZN and Social Media, 6:00 pm ET, Jake Paul vs Andre August prelims.

DAZN, 7:30 pm ET, Jake Paul vs Andre August. For most boxing fans, the more interesting things are (1) Shadasia Green vs Franchon Crews-Dezurn for the vacant WBC 168 lb title, and (2) Yoenis Tellez returning on the card. A 7:30 start indicates that Jake isn’t exactly looking to make it a late night on the ol’ boxing clock, probably would prefer to get it done early and then go enjoy all the local Orlando metropolitan area’s nightlife has to offer. Or get on a jet down to Miami or whatever. August has been called “The Professional Fighter” so many times in attempts to promote this fight that it may as well be his nickname. He’s a 35-year-old unknown club fighter who’s had one fight since 2019. But we’ll be here. BLH will have live updates.

Saturday, Dec. 16

DAZN, 2:00 pm ET, Josh Kelly vs Placido Ramirez. No Roarke Knapp, no live coverage!

ESPN+, 2:30 pm ET, Francesco Grandelli vs Stefan Voda. Honestly not sure why outlets seem to think these OPI Since 82 Italy cards are of great importance to American fans, but they’ve bounced from DAZN to ESPN+ without skipping a beat. Very odd; not unwelcome, just odd. Sandor Martin has a stay-busy on the undercard.

DAZN and Social Media, 5:00 pm ET, Rodriguez vs Edwards prelims.

DAZN, 8:00 pm ET, Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez vs Sunny Edwards. A potentially fascinating flyweight unification between Rodriguez, whose rising star has dimmed a smidge in his last two fights, though that was inevitable given the way he broke out so aggressively in 2022, and Edwards, who is a polarizing figure in every way, basically. You either really enjoy or really don’t enjoy that guy, you either think he’s an extremely skilled boxer or a guy waiting to be exposed by an opponent like Rodriguez. Wil and John will have your coverage. BLH will have live updates.

SHO, 9:00 pm ET, David Morrell Jr vs Sena Agbeko. This is it. The final Showtime boxing broadcast ever. Four fights — including Julio Cesar Martinez defending his belt and Chris Colbert vs Jose Valenzuela and Robert Guerrero vs Andre Berto (!) rematches — and that’ll be the end of the book at Showtime. I’m taking the coverage for this one because I want to see the sendoff. However much putting important boxing behind premium cable paywalls may have done incredible damage to the sport’s visibility with anyone past the diehard fan base — and it did do that, to devastating results — HBO and Showtime boxing are what so many of us grew up with, and now both will be gone within five years as the media landscape just continues to change, and boxing verges on becoming basically a streaming-only niche sport, with only Top Rank’s ESPN deal remaining for even cable-era traditional TV outlets. BLH will have live updates.

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