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‘Devin is the best boxer in the world’: Bill Haney says his son proved he should sit atop pound-for-pound rankings

Devin Haney dominated Regis Prograis over the weekend to make a statement on how good is really is.

Devin Haney took Regis Prograis’ WBC title in a clear and convincing win.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Bill Haney spent some time chatting with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV to discuss Devin’s big win over Regis Prograis over the weekend, in a one-sided domination. Obviously with the win Haney will be looking for the next big thing, and here his father/trainer talks about some of the options they’re now weighing going forward. Check out some excerpts below.

On Haney separating himself from the pack at 140

“I mean, I already think he has separated himself at being 25 years old to having fought six different world champions, seven different world title fights, undisputed, two-division world champion with the possibility of having another big name next.

“I keep saying it over and over again; we can’t doubt him no longer, we have to crown him. Not only as Fighter of the Year but P4P #1 — just the way that he handicaps’s called boxing and what you see is Devin is the best boxer in the world.”

On how long they plan to stay at 140 considering their talk of moving to 147

“Just with the skills that he has, Devin can fight at ‘47...we’ve seen guys fight one time and go up to the next weight class. What we see in Devin is, like I said, something special. His ability to do that, we believe he can, it’s just a matter of what that next move is. I got up this morning energetic about it, I know everyone watched the fight and made a few calls just to see what’s shaking.”

On what big fights can be made at 140

“Nothing right now. No. Well, I think everyone was talking about this guy named Matias...I have Peter Khan a call about it and they didn’t sound too much ‘boogeyman’ to me at $4M.

“I call him, I say ‘Devin says let’s talk.’ I think he might’ve been surprised for me to call this morning so when he said the kid wanted $4M I waited about 30 more minutes and called him back and he said ‘no, really, the kid wants $4M.’ I said ‘well the kid only made a couple hundred thousand.’ We didn’t make $4M to go to Australia, we made $2.8M, Peter Khan knows that.

“I think that was just a way of not making the deal happen...I think they been talking a lot of shit. I only seen him fought one time and I gave him the respect that they deserve and based on him being a champion at 140, so I never said anything about him. But I knew the people were talking so I thought that that might be something...I just consider that to be ridiculous and that was just one way for him to tell me stop calling him.”

On if a fight with Ryan Garcia is possible at 140

“The thing about Ryan, that’s the opposite of Subriel Matias. He never talked about money, he always said ‘when we’re going to make it happen, we’re going to make it happen’ and I think he’s a man of his word on that.

“When it comes time for them, which I’ve talked to them and they said they would give me a call, and I think they publicly said that...that’s a tremendous fight, he has a fan base, I know he wants to become a world champion. What we wanted to do is get that belt at 140 and give some of the fighters that do want to be champions or do want to unify an opportunity.”

On their interest in fighting Teofimo Lopez

“Soon as I get to Las Vegas I’m going to the liquor store...I’m going to go by the liquor store and if he’s not there, then we’ll worry.”

On if Haney can be even better at 147

“If you don’t get touched by the best guy at 140 then obviously you can take a look at 147 with no disrespect...I know the king of 147 is making his exit and it will be a new void that need to be filled at 140 so we’re looking at it. Outside of Terence Crawford, Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis is the best fighter in the division. You have Mario Barrios who’s a the top of the division as well and you have Keith Thurman who’s a veteran in the division. So it’s all kind of options, all kind of ways a young fighter like Devin can go, and they all make for exciting fights.”

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