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‘I’m not in no rush’: Rolando Romero intent to weigh his options for his next fight

Rolando Romero says he’s been enjoying himself as of late, and isn’t focused on who he could fight next.

Rolando Romero holds a world title at 140 that many believe is easy pickings.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Fight Hub TV catches up with 140 lb WBA titleholder Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero to talk about some of the recent fights in the sport around his division and what he’ll be looking to do next. Rolly, who’s never one to skip out on vulgarities, shared some of his thoughts down below.

On being called out by Ryan Garcia and if he wants that fight

“I mean, I hope he keeps training with Derrick James. That shoulder roll, that shit is amazing.”

On Haney’s dominant performance over Prograis

“All I know for a fact is that Regis, why he decided to say he didn’t want to fight me out of all the champions and all this stuff is because if I would’ve slapped him with my dick he would’ve been out. That motherfucker can’t take a shot at all. But, I mean, to get dropped by Dev, that’s incredible.”

On who he wants to fight next since he’s been called out by many

“I don’t really care about who’s there and who’s not right now. I haven’t even thought about getting back in the ring or anything like that, I’m just taking my time...You got to look at it from my perspective, starve to death, get punched in the face, be in there with a bunch of sweaty disgusting dudes, gym smelling like ass — or being on a tropical island and getting my dick sucked by two girls at the same time. Which one sounds better to you?! Okay, so I’m not in no rush, I don’t give a fuck right now.”

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