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‘I can’t see this fight getting made at all’: Eddie Hearn talks difficulty in making fight between Gervonta Davis and Devin Haney

Eddie Hearn talks about personal beefs making it hard to get the business done for Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney.

Eddie Hearn says Gervonta Davis wasn’t interested in hearing substantial offers to face Devin Haney.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Immediately following Jesse ‘Bam’ Rodriguez’s stoppage win over Sunny Edwards, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn spoke to Fight Hub TV about wanting to make a Gervonta Davis vs Devin Haney bout. Unfortunately, Hearn says he’s been summarily rebuffed in his attempts to discuss the offers on the table for that fight. Here’s some of what he had to say below.

Hearn on Bill Haney saying Gervonta Davis turned down a $20M guarantee to face Devin Haney

“Yeah. I mean, we want to speak to Gervonta Davis. I reached out to him because we’ve got some huge offers for him. Bill knows those numbers and we’ve got offers from around the world to stage that fight. Unfortunately Gervonta didn’t want to discuss them but we’ll move on and see what’s next and hopefully that fight can be made in the future.”

On those questioning Sunny Edwards tactics against Bam Rodriguez, expecting him to box and move more

“Yeah but you can’t necessarily do that with a guy cuts off the distance and puts pressure on you. I think the cheek bone that went early in the fight distorted his vision a little bit, then he got busted up over the eye, blood was going in that one. So he had to fight a fight that really wasn’t the right fight for him, which was to sit in the pocket and trade and try to tough it out, which was always going to come out worse too. I feel like he showed a lot of heart tonight.”

On what he thinks it will take to reach a deal for Tank vs Haney

“I don’t know. There seems to be quite a bit of bad blood. That’s why I came in and messaged him to get — I’m not really in the circle of butting heads at the moment with all those guys. But there is a huge amount of money for Gervonta Davis for that fight so I just wanted to let him know, but unfortunately he didn’t want to know about it.

“I think Gervonta believes he can beat everybody but I’ve been around long enough to know that when people don’t like people, people say shit about people, it makes it a lot harder to make the fight. So obviously Bill (Haney), Calvin (Ford) is it, the trainer, and Leonard (Ellerbe) — I’m just sitting back watching it going ‘I can’t see this fight getting made at all.’”

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