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‘That’s a big fight for boxing’: Rolando Romero can’t deny a Ryan Garcia fight would be a big deal

Rolly Romero teased Ryan Garcia a bit but admits it’s a big fight.

Rolando Romero says Ryan Garcia has regressed under trainer Derrick James.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

After being called out by Ryan Garcia, 140 lb titleholder Roland ‘Rolly’ Romero spoke to Fight Hype about his thoughts on Garcia’s recent performance and what he thinks about taking him on next. Check out some excerpts of what Romero had to say below.

Romero on what he didn’t like about Garcia’s attempt at the shoulder roll

“It just wasn’t him. It felt like he was trying to be something he wasn’t. I don’t know, maybe he learned something in camp that worked a little bit in camp but didn’t work out in the fight...I don’t know, Derrick James taught him some weird shit.”

On any improvements Garcia has made under trainer Derrick James

“You know how all these trainers are. They get Trainer of the Year and then they’re like the worst trainer for the next three years. I mean, he has a pretty bad track record. He made Ryan ten times worse, he fucked up Spence’s career, Anthony Joshua — I mean, you know Anthony Joshua, and Frank Martin ain’t looking too good. So, yeah, maybe it’s time for (Garcia) to go back to Joe Goossen or something.”

On Garcia calling him out for a fight

“I don’t think he deserves it...that’s what I say, I don’t think he deserves it. He does not deserve to share a ring with me.

“Ok, so there we are, the bell rings and the ref makes us touch gloves, all this stuff, all that stuff, right. We go in, I’m over here in a high guard, he over here doing some shoulder roll shit — I just throw a hook. Boom. Knocked out cold. Good night. Just like that. Maybe 25 seconds.”

On if he’s passing on a Garcia fight

“Nah, I’m fucking around. That’s a big fight for boxing. I can’t really say anything, that’s a big fight for boxing.”

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