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‘I’m going to disable him’: Regis Prograis says Devin Haney will have to try to survive the distance

Regis Prograis says Devin Haney can’t stop him, so his only shot is to be able to make it to the final bell in the face of his power.

Regis Prograis expects to use both skill and power to break down and stop Devin Haney.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

It’s fight week for junior welterweight title fight between Regis Prograis and Devin Haney, and in anticipation of the fight Prograis sits down with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub to discuss the fight, his preparations, and why he doesn’t think Haney will make it to the final bell. Check out some excerpts of what Prograis had to say below.

Prograis on Haney questioning his chin

“My chin? How?!...I hope you depending on that bro, ‘cause I got a hard-ass head. If anything I got a chin more than anything else I got.”

On questioning Haney’s ability to take punishment

“I just think he’s not going to be able to take mine. I think he can take punishment from the little guys because he’s so much bigger, he’s been so much bigger...but it’s definitely going to be a different story with me.

“I know he not going to be able to take what I got. For 12 rounds? It’s not going to happen. And he’s not going to knock me out, he ain’t got no power. So he gonna have to last for 12 rounds with me and it’s not happening.

“I’m not even depending on pure power. That’s what everybody trying to portrait this as, like power versus skill. But I’m really on my skill, that’s what I’ve been doing here...I think it’s going to shock him about my speed, in how fast I really am. It’s not going to be just the power. The power is one thing, but I’m not just plodding and walking him down like I’m a Mexican. It’s going to be some skill going on.”

On if he’s worried about Haney making it a dull fight

“I think I’m going to disable him. Not ‘think,’ I know I’m going to disable him.”

On if he’s expecting and prepared for a lot of holding in this fight

“Yeah, I think he’ll try but we’ll be prepared for that, of course. We prepared for everything. I think he’ll probably try but it’s not going to work. All that clinching is not going to work. And we going to get a fair referee and all that too, so I don’t think that’s going to work.”

On what he respects most about Haney’s fighting ability

“Right now, nothing. If I wasn’t fighting him, probably, but right now I don’t respect shit about Devin, the Haneys — I don’t respect nothing about none of them dudes on that other side. We got to fight next week so I don’t respect shit about’s beef, it’s war, and that’s what we got to do.”

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