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Anthony Joshua says Jermaine Franklin bout a serious fight, promises not to take him lightly

Anthony Joshua is set to return to action against Jermaine Franklin on April 1.

Anthony Joshua says he’s only focused on improving as he heads into fight with Jermaine Franklin.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Ahead of Anthony Joshua’s return to action where he’ll take on Jermaine Franklin, both fighters appeared for this opening press conference. Promoters Eddie Hearn and Dmitry Salita took some time to speak their piece, and before long it was Franklin making it clear that he’s ready for the moment at hand.

“I’ve got the utmost confidence,” Franklin said. “I believe I can beat anybody. That’s never a doubt in my mind. If you doubt yourself you’re in the wrong sport, this ain’t the sport for that. So as a man, he’s a man just like I am. He bleeds just like I do, so I got the confidence to pull this victory out.

“It would be an excellent moment for my career (beating Joshua). I got the will, I got the heart for it, so I’m ready to go to war as always.”

After a few words from Anthony Joshua’s new trainer Derrick James on his early impressions on the new assignment, Joshua shared some words on his thoughts.

“It’s a serious fight,” Joshua said. “Good opponent. If he had the belts I’d take him the same way, if he doesn’t have the belts I’ve got to take him the same way. I’ve got to give the man his respect ‘cause he’s coming to fight, and that’ll make me keep my feet on the ground and take him seriously.

“It’s been a long time on the road, fighting for championship belts, defending them, challenging people. I think it’s, what, 12 fights back-to-back, championship fights — been challenging.

“With Derrick here, he’s got some tricks up his sleeve for sure, and we’re looking forward to April.”

And when asked about his motivation to continue boxing, Joshua gave a refreshingly frank response.

“Money. I like making money, straight up. This is a prizefighting sport. I’ve been broke, my family’s been broke. I know what this shit means and I do it because I’m good at it and I hustle hard, and when it’s all said and done no one will care about me no more. So I’ve got to make the most of it while I’m here.”

Check out the full press conference highlights in the video link above.

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