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Regis Prograis talks potential matchup with Ryan Garcia, calls Teofimo Lopez mentally weak

Regis Prograis insists he’s on a different level than most fighters in the game.

Regis Prograis explains why he would have a clear edge over both Ryan Garcia and Teofimo Lopez.

During a conversation with Fight Hub TV, junior welterweight titleholder Regis Prograis shares his perspective on a couple of potential future fights out there for him, particularly with Ryan Garcia or Teofimo Lopez.

Prograis reasons that’s he’s a much more polished fighter than someone like Ryan Garcia, and that Teofimo Lopez’s psyche is too fragile to even survive a press tour with him. Check out some excerpts below with the video interview in full above.

Prograis on he beats Ryan Garcia

“I think my skill set is just higher. My skill set is higher, I have more experience, I have a higher IQ, and obviously I hit real hard and I’m rugged. With him, I just don’t think he’s battle tested like I am. And I don’t want to call him soft because he’s a fighter, but I don’t think he’s as hard as I am.

“I could call him soft compared to me...he did get dropped by Luke Campbell. He got off the canvas to get a stoppage but Luke Campbell and me, we’re not in the same boat at all. Nowhere close. So I feel like if I hit him like that it’s not gonna be good.”

On Sandor Martin saying he doesn’t think Teofimo Lopez should fight him

“Sandor Martin, he’s a left-hander, he moves a lot, slick. I feel like I’m slicker than him, I’m left-handed also, and my power is five times Sandor Martin. No disrespect to him but I have way more power. And he dropped Teofimo, so if I hit him with those same punches — and then after that the whole world saw he questioned himself. I know that about you now.

“If we ever fight I have to look at this man in his face, in his eyes. I know you questioning yourself. So already, right there, mentally, I know you weak. And mentally, I’m on another level, bro...Mentally, I know he’s not strong. He’s weak mentally so I’ll break him. I feel like I can break him in the press conference. Before we fight I’ll break him. I won’t even have to throw a punch at you, you’re going to be broken already.”

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