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Oscar De La Hoya talks ongoing pitch to sign Terence Crawford, finalizing Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight

The Golden Boy promoter says he’s got some big plans in store for 2023.

Oscar De La Hoya says his company would be honored to represent Terence Crawford.

During an interview with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV, Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya talks about his big plans in attempting to sign Terence Crawford, and touches on the Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight which he expects to be formally announced any day now. Check out some excerpts of what he had to say below.

De La Hoya on his pitch to Terence Crawford to join Golden Boy

“We’ve been talking to Terence Crawford. What a great individual. What a smart man. And what a talent, obviously. I’ve always said that Terence Crawford is the best P4P fighter on the planet today, by far.

“And, look, ultimately he wants Spence, which for some reason, certain reasons — I don’t know what they are — that fell apart, and we’re talking to him about a Rocha fight, possibly a Vergil Ortiz fight, and maybe down the road a Spence fight that everybody wants to see.

“I’m not sure what order but those are the fights that he wants, and those are the fights that he deserves so we’re talking to him (about) maybe representing him. Talks are ongoing and we’ll see what happens.

“To put a contract together — and this is what people don’t understand —it’s not just about signing a fight and ‘okay, you get red corner, this guy gets the blue corner, weight.’ No. It’s so complex, it’s just back-and-forth, back-and-forth, especially when you’re dealing with fighters like Crawford who’s a big superstar, like Spence, big major fights. It’s very tedious and a lot of detail so you need representation, that’s the bottom line.

“You need a promoter. Fighters need promoters to help you organize everything, to help you we would be doing that for (Crawford) if he gives us the opportunity, if he gives us the honor of representing him and we would have his back a thousand percent.”

On ironing out the rematch clause issue that had been holding up Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia and the official announcement

“It has to happen literally within the next couple of days...we cannot wait any longer. We know this fight will sell out quick, we know the PPVs gonna go through the roof. It’s just that everybody’s eager, everybody’s anticipating, and rightfully so because this fight deserves the biggest hype machine behind it possible. So we turned on our engines and we’re ready to go.

“It’s hard to say what the rematch clause was, it’s very complex, very detailed. So I can’t tell you exactly really what it was, but everything got worked out. All the major, major, major points got worked out.

“If it’s a great fight then there has to be a rematch. We’re hoping there’s three or four — whatever. These guys are in their peak, at the top of their game, they really hate each other, they want to knock each other out. I don’t know if they hate each other, but they just want to prove to the world who the best is. So I don’t think there’s hate, I just think there’s a lot of competition that is ready to just unload inside the ring. So, yeah, it’s exciting. “

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