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Jake Paul and Tommy Fury agree to an “all or nothing” deal for fight, plus every word from their final press conference

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury say they’ll fight on an “all or nothing” deal on Sunday.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have agreed to an “all or nothing” deal for Sunday’s fight
Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have agreed to an “all or nothing” deal for Sunday’s fight

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury did both show up to today’s press conference, and at the end of it, Paul did his usual thing where he tried to throw some bet on top of everything else, this time an “all or nothing” deal, which John Fury accepted on Tommy’s behalf.

Basically, the deal as proposed is that if Tommy wins, Paul will pay his opponent double his purse, and if Paul wins, Tommy makes nothing. Whether this actually happens or is remotely real or not is another story, but it makes for good headlines.

“He keeps on saying it’s an easy fight. Knocking me out, starching me, all these things,” Paul said as he began the challenge. “He comes from the bloodline, he’s been doing it his whole entire. Tommy, do you think this is gonna be an easy fight?”

“Look me in the eyes. You’re getting put to sleep inside four rounds. I’m not an old man here,” Fury replied. “I’m a fresh, young fighter. I’m going to put you away. You should have took the escapes. You should not be sitting here right now. This is bad for you. You’ve blown your ticket. You should have stuck to making easy money fighting old men and celebrities. I’m going to take your head off.”

That’s when Paul offered his proposal, which Tommy didn’t really respond to, but his father eventually did. Paul said the contract has already been drawn up when John asked for it in writing.

Here’s everything else the two fighters said on the stage.

Jake Paul

“We’ve picked this guy apart, we’ve studied him. He makes a lot of mistakes. He’s great on offense, he’s got a good jab, lots of combos, speed, good foot work, good movement. He’s a good boxer but he’s not a great boxer. And his lack of defense and lack of head movement’s going to be exposed on Sunday.”

“I always take every fight seriously. I’ve fought UFC champions. Tyron Woodley was winning the UFC championship while I was on Disney Channel. So when Tommy says, ‘I’ve been doing this my whole life,’ none of that means anything. I’ve always trained harder, I’ve always trained tougher than all of my opponents. I want it more. I have more of a ‘why,’ I have more of a purpose.

“I’m Tommy’s end goal. This is the biggest opportunity of his life. He’s never been on a stage like this, he’s never gotten paid like this. He was getting paid peanuts compared to this. This is what I do now. Anderson Silva is one of the greatest strikers ever. Top five greatest combat strikers ever. So to go in there and out-box him, put him on the canvas, to me (Tommy) is a speed bump and a cakewalk.”

“(Tommy’s) a good boxer. I give him that credit. He’s fast, he’s got length, he’s strong, he’s got them inflatable arms. I don’t even know how his arms look like that. He don’t got no legs, he’s top-heavy as shit, he looks like the Michelin Man or something. But there’s nothing he can do to stop me. He doesn’t have power. He couldn’t knock out Daniel Bocianski, he can’t knock out the taxi drivers he’s been put in there with, who have a combined record of 20 wins and 250 losses.”

“He’s never been put in there with someone who wasn’t there to lose. When he’s in the locker room warming up he’s gonna be thinking, ‘Damn, everyone has been put in there to lose. The Warrens put me in there with scrubs, and now I have a real fight, eight rounds.’ He’s never been eight rounds, and he’s gonna get in the deep water and drown, I promise that.”

“People are gonna see. They can talk about all these things, MMA fighters, but you put Anderson Silva in there with Tommy Fury, Anderson Silva knocks him out. You think that Mike Tyson (at 56) couldn’t beat Tommy Fury’s ass right now? You’re wrong. You’re absolutely wrong. The age thing is, that’s what people are hung up on, and that’s why I’m so excited for this fight. Now I can finally silence the critics who have said, ‘Fight a professional boxer, fight someone your own age.’ And I agree, I haven’t proven that. This is why this fight’s so big, why I’m so excited. This is why I’ve given this guy multiple chances and paid him so much money to finally show up. The only time he wanted to get in the ring is when I increased the money.”

Tommy Fury

“I think people have got it twisted. I’m in boxing and have goals of being world champion. If I’m to do that, I can’t be dodging people like Jake Paul. The past two (date) didn’t happen because of it being out of my hands completed. First (date), broke rib, doctors advised me not to fight. What do you want me to do? Second (date), went to the airport, ready to go, denied access into the USA. Still ongoing. Third time’s a charm, and we’re here.”

“I’m in super fit condition. I’m ready to go and put this all to bed. For the past two-and-a-half years it’s been, ‘When are you fighting Jake Paul?’ To even mention my name with his, it’s disrespectful to me. I’ve been boxing my whole life and I’m going to clinically knock this guy out early.”

“He keeps going on and on about Anderson Silva and Tyron Woodley. Tyron Woodley was 40 years old, Anderson Silva was nearly 50, not too far from my dad’s age. And he got took the full distance. And everybody knows who knows about boxing, MMA fighters are not boxers. We all know that. I’ve absolutely took apart every MMA fighter I’ve ever sparred with in my entire life. They’re not boxers, and this guy couldn’t even deal with them. ‘This guy’s a great striker’ — yeah, in MMA, not boxing. He still went eight rounds with him and looked like he’d been through the trenches.”

“(Now) you’ve got a fresh, young, 23-year-old, proper, legitimate fighter, who would have it inside and outside the ring. This is in my heart, blood, and soul, and you’re gonna feel that. Let me tell you now, I’m not a 50-year-old man. When you’re in the opposite corner and you’re getting hit all about the head, you’re gonna wake up and realize what boxing is, and it’s not fighting old men. You’ve got a proper fighter in here, and I’m gonna take your head off.”

“When I put this man away in a mismatch, it’s gonna be onwards and upwards for me. I’m gonna take everything he’s got and he’s going to go home to Ohio or wherever he’s from, sulking.”

John Fury

“We’re here to fight. He’s been around the big stage most of his life. When he first started out, he was meant to do big stuff, being who he is, Tyson Fury’s brother. This kid survives on pressure. And believe me, I wouldn’t have my son sat here if I didn’t think he could deliver. There’s no way in this entire world my son would disgrace our great champion in Tyson Fury.”

“We know what we’ve got to do. We’re professionals. Fighting, boxing is what we do, and we’ve done it. We’ve left no stone unturned. We’re coming here to do one thing: Knock Jake Paul out. Nothing else will do.”

“Good luck to (Jake Paul). He’s a nice kid. He’s a very intelligent boy for the age of him. Without him, we wouldn’t be here. So Jake Paul, thank you very much.”

On Jake Paul: “I’ve got nothing against Jake. I’ve got children older than him. I’ve got a granddaughter near his age. I mean him no animosity at all. We’re in the fight game, it’s our duty to promote the fight, and that’s what I feel I did. The talking’s over, the best man will win, and I know for sure it’s going to be ‘TNT.’”

Derek Chisora

“What is the truth? Is Jake Paul gonna beat Tommy Fury, is Tommy Fury gonna beat Jake Paul? We don’t know. Being a fighter myself, when you train all this time and you’ve only got a week left, this is when you get cranky and nervous and excited at the same time. You get adrenaline in your body, you can’t wait. I’m excited about this fight.”

“(Jake Paul) really wants this fight. He must know something I don’t know. I’ve known Tommy a while, I know his brother. I’ve tasted his brother’s hands so many times. (laughing) But it’s OK, we’re still friends.”

“The winner of this fight will not win it in the first half of this fight, they’ll win it in the last four rounds. When everybody’s tired and they’re making mistakes, that’s when we’ll get a winner.”

“I just want an explosive fight, an entertaining fight. Jake Paul’s gonna bring it. We’ve seen his last couple fights, he keeps going and going until he knocks his man down. And I know John Fury has trained his son to disrupt him, basically.”

Paul vs Fury final press conference video

Undercard quotes

Ilunga Junior Makabu

“I want all the people who love boxing to keep the story of Junior Makabu in their minds. I want Badou to keep one thing in mind: I’m going to break your nose, I’m going to break your jaw, I’m going to break your ribs. Thank you.”

“I’ve been world champion for many years. I’m a dangerous boxer. There’s no way Badou can take my punch. I’ll go back home and still WBC champion.”

“I’ve got nothing to say about Fury and Jake Paul, because I’m focused on my fight. I want to beat Badou and go pound-for-pound, challenge all the other champions. It’s what I want.”

Badou Jack

“I’m here to take his belt. I’m here to become the first Muslim fighter to become a world champion in Saudi. So I’m here to make history. Everybody got a plan until they get hit, so I’m glad that he’s confident.”

“I still feel young. I feel fresh. I want to keep going. I’m here to make history. Some people win world titles in one weight class, I’ve won one in two weight classes and I’m coming for the third. And the new.”

Ziyad Almaayouf

“The pressure is on, but the beautiful thing about pressure is, it gives you something to rise up to. I choose to walk that path, I choose to carry the weight of my whole country and the whole Arab side of the world on my back. There are two things I know: I’m God-gifted and I’m heavy-fisted, and that’s the recipe for a good disaster.”

“It’s good to be back. We talk about the American fighters, we talk about the European fighters, now it’s time to talk about the Saudi Arabian fighters.”

“I know that many people could have this position. God chose me, so I have to keep earning it every single day. The pressure is always going to be on in anything we do. If you’re doing bad, the pressure is there to do better, and if you’re doing good, the pressure is there to maintain it. It’s just the road you choose to walk, and I choose to walk the road where I accept pressure. I welcome pressure. When your back’s against the law, the only way is forward.”

Muhsin Cason

“I don’t train any different. This is another fight for my career and my pursuit to become a world champion. We just train the same.”

On facing a power puncher: “Like Mike Tyson, everybody’s got a plan until they get punched in the face. Once the bell starts, we’re on.”

Bader Al-Samreen

“Each fight teaches me more. I just keep on climbing the stairs, work hard every day, and try my best to make it to the top.”

On facing veteran Viorel Simion: “There’s only so much a man can take, honestly. I know him but he doesn’t know me. It’s going to surprise him what I have in my abilities. I have a good strategy with my coach.”

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