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John Fury says Tommy doesn’t deserve to be paid if he can’t beat Jake Paul

Tommy Fury’s father explains the amount of confidence he has in his son, and why he had no issue with accepting Jake Paul’s wager.

John Fury says his son has trained like a Spartan warrior and there’s no way he can lose.

After today’s festivities at the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury press conference, including an all or nothing bet between the fighters, Fury’s father and trainer, John, talks to Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV about their confidence level heading into the fight. Check out some excerpts below.

John Fury on if they intend to keep their all or nothing bet with Jake Paul

“Oh yeah. We’re serious. If he can’t beat Jake Paul, Tommy don’t deserve paid. I’m his father, I know what he can do. He’s been trained like a Spartan machine. He’s a warrior, this kid. And we fight for a living and you know what, let’s get it on.

“We’re prepared to put everything on the line — everything. The only way we’re walking away is with a knockout. We’ve trained for a knockout, and I know Tommy’s going to deliver. He’s got two bazooka’s in each hand. And Jake Paul, he plays his part well, he’s promoted it well, the kid talks good, I just hope and pray he can fight half as good as he can talk because if he can’t, he’s gonna be in big trouble.

“I don’t think in my mind there’s any way Jake Paul can win this but fair play to him. He’s stepped up and taken the fight, he’s meeting a live opponent in Tommy Fury who’s trying to take his head off.”

On the prospect of Jake Paul landing a KO shot on Tommy

“He won’t be able to land it. It’s alright to have a good punch but if you can’t deliver it, what good is it to you? This guy (Tommy) can also punch but he can box as well...he’s gonna be all over him like a rash. You might also see a Michael Spinks vs Mike Tyson again, in the form of Tommy Fury vs Jake Paul. It could be that quick.”

On where Tommy Fury goes if he loses this fight

“The repercussions are that he goes home and be a good father, forget boxing. Forget it, move on, be a model or something, which that ain’t gonna happen. Tommy’s trained, I know what he’s got. I would not bring a man here to fight in front of the world’s media if I thought he’s gonna let me down.”

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