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Deontay Wilder talks about his next fight, says all top fighters in the discussion

Deontay Wilder says he in talks with a great deal of fighters as he plans his next outing.

Deontay Wilder reacts to Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury and discusses his own plans.

Former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder was in Saudi Arabia to watch the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight yesterday, and spoke to Fight Hub TV about his thoughts on the fight and what his plans are going forward in his boxing career. Check out some of what Wilder had to say below.

Wilder on his impression of the Paul vs Fury fight

“I think Jake got that one. That referee, that was an immature point (taken). I think Jake Paul needed that knockdown, I think that kind of evened it out and I think he only gave it to Fury because of the point (taken). That was an immature point. The referee is supposed to give him at least three warnings, he gave him no warnings. Get out of here.”

On seeing Tyson Fury in person for the first time since they last fought

“Regular. I mean, we’re fighters so, you know.”

On if he still wants another fight with Tyson Fury

“Of course. We’ll do it again, for sure. Stay tuned.”

On if he could potentially fight Anthony Joshua

“All fighters are a possibility. Ain’t nobody out, we’re having discussions with everybody, all the fighters, especially fighters at the top. Everybody in discussion so I want fighters to know that.

“Unfortunately the business of boxing is what it is, and sometimes it gets slow but when it gets moving, it gets to moving. And right now it’s just a process of getting things in order, locations, dates, and opponents, and getting everything together. So that takes time but know that no fighter is safe.”

On when he’s thinking of returning to the ring

“I’m may be fighting between May, June, and December.”

On if he’s seriously considering a fight with Francis Ngannou

“Ngannou is a real discussion. It’s a real discussion, we’re trying to do a two-fight deal. One maybe here and the other one in Africa. So that’ll be the 50th anniversary of Muhammad Ali.”

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