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Floyd Mayweather speaks out about the excessive number of world titles in boxing

Floyd Mayweather says he’s going to use his platform to speak out about the ills that plague boxing.

Floyd Mayweather is on a virtuous path to help lead the sport into a better place.

Floyd Mayweather just recently spoke to the boxing media while promoting his next exhibition or whatever, and touched on the subject of there being way too many “world champions” in the sport of boxing. Mayweather says he intends to be a force for good in the sport, and plans to lend his voice to speak out on the issues that he feels hinders boxing.

“’ve got Lomachenko, a guy that — even though he had, what, 400 amateur fights — he’s a professional anyway, but he shouldn’t be allowed to fight for a world title in his third, fourth fight,” Mayweather said.

“What I did in my career was when I turned professional — to fight for a title against Genaro ‘Chicanito’ Hernandez — I fought 17 fights in a year-and-a-half, then I fought for the world title. So I earned it. Nothing was given to me.

“What we’re doing is watering the sport down. Everybody is champion now. There should only be four champions at each weight class, but it’s more than four. Now, in the top ten you may have 12 fighters in the weight class that’s champion.

“So the sport of boxing, we need to clean this up with all the sanctioning bodies. I’m not just talking about one particular sanctioning body because I was a fighter at one particular time competing at the highest level and I feel that...I was put in this position to clean this sport up. I don’t want to be in boxing if I can’t help, if I can’t give back.

“I don’t want to give back just financially. I’m giving my time back but I’m also going to give my voice. We have to clean the sport of boxing up. There’s too many champions at these weight classes.

“Ya’ll the writers. Ya’ll have to say something about this...Anybody can be a champion in this era...everybody’s world champion now, everybody.

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