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Tommy Fury predicts early knockout of Jake Paul

Tommy Fury has he’s inspired to work harder than he ever has in training as he looks to make a statement against Jake Paul.

Tommy Fury insists he’s going to do serious damage against Jake Paul.

Leading into his upcoming fight against Jake Paul, Tommy Fury talks to TMZ about his thoughts on the fight finally happening, and what he expects to take place when they meet inside the ring. Check out some excerpts of what Fury had to say below.

“There’s no doubt that I train hard for every single fight,” said Fury. “Every single camp I train like I’m training for the world title, but for this fight I really have put the work in. Going from the road, going to the gym, going to the strength & conditioning, the diet, recovery — absolutely everything has been ticked and I’m feeling fantastic. I’m looking in fantastic condition if I do say so myself.

“February 26th, I’m happy to put this all to bed, and I’m thankful everybody’s tuning in because it really is going to be a great fight.

“This (fight) is all that’s been on my mind for the past two-and-a-half, three years — however long this has been going on — because I am a professional, legitimate fighter and my name’s been lingering with Jake Paul’s for quite some time now, and Jake Paul is not on my level. Jake Paul is not even considered a legitimate fighter and to have my name dragged through the mud with his, I want to prove a point.

“In three weeks I get my chance and I’m going to take it with both hands. I’m going to school this man, I’m going to take him to the trenches, and he will be drownded. There’s no way he can last eight rounds in a ring with me.

“I see me putting him away early. The way I’m punching in the gym, what I’m doing to people in the gym...the shots will land and when the shots land he will be going down and he will not get up. And I’m just speaking on pure facts and confidence that I’ve got through what’s happened in my training camp.

“I think he’s in a big, big, big, big shock. He’s in way over his head. It’s a tall order for him. He’s in there with a fresh, young, 23-year-old that’s been training like a demon. I’ve sacrificed absolutely everything for this fight and when he’s in there with me and I’m roughing him up and hitting him with big, hard shots and he’s got a long time left in the fight, yeah. As soon as I land with either hand, it’s over because he physically will not be able to get up from the shots.

“My message to Jake Paul is good luck and I hope you’ve trained hard, and I hope you’ve got an ambulance on speed dial because you’re going to need it.”

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