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Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia fight on the verge of collapse over rematch clause

Golden Boy is reportedly unwilling to budge on their stance that they should control the promoting rights to the rematch should Ryan Garcia win.

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia is reportedly fully signed for April 15 in Las Vegas Al Bello and Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

The year 2023 has gotten off to much too hot a start in the sport of boxing, so let’s bring everyone back down to earth real quick with a quick dose of reality. A much anticipated fight between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia is reportedly on the verge of falling apart as the sides haven’t reached an agreement on one particular point.

As being reported by multiple sources, every single point of the negotiation between Davis and Garcia has been agreed to with the exception of who would promote a rematch between the fighters should that become necessary. As things stand, Davis currently holds a unilateral rematch clause in the event he were to lose, and the sticking point is over who would control the fight for the sequel.

Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya strongly feels that his organization should retain the right to promote the rematch with DAZN in the event that Garcia were to beat Davis, and says that’s only right considering that they’ve acquiesced to every other demand Davis’ team has requested. And as related by Chris Mannix, De La Hoya has already gone as far as he’s willing to go, but isn’t willing to bend on that one particular point as he says DAZN has invested a lot of money into Garcia and their interests need to be protected as well.

It would seem rather silly that negotiations over a potential rematch could scuttle a bout before the first one even takes place, but this is exactly the kind of outcome boxing fans have almost come to expect after countless years of conditioning. And with each passing week that we don’t have an official announcement of Davis vs Garcia, the more likely it is that they both end up going in separate directions.

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