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Rolando Romero knocked out in recently leaked sparring footage

Another day, another left hand that puts Rolando Romero away.

Rolando Romero gets exposed on social media for the results of a recent sparring session.

The hits keep coming for lightweight Rolando Romero. A recently leaked sparring footage video of Romero fighting J’Hon Ingram shows the boastful Romero getting clipped bad during an exchange and dropped into the ropes.

Ironically enough, many are pointing out the fact that Romero just got knocked out by almost the exact same punch Gervonta Davis landed to stop him in their PPV showdown, questioning whether or not Romero has learned any lessons from his last fight.

All in all, this isn’t going to be a good look for Romero who mostly promotes himself through social media. Of course sparring footage can often be taken out of context, but the damage done here was as clear as day — and so good that even Romero’s trainer had to dap up Ingram for doing his fighter in that way.

Romero (14-1, 12 KOs) has yet to be scheduled for his next professional fight, but it’s clear there’s work to be done in the craft department in the meanwhile unless he plans to be continually stopped on left hands.

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