Paul vs. Tommy: A Lesson in Clinching

One thing for sure, the Jake Paul Tommy Fury fight was no slugfest, by any means. It was a demonstration of what fine and skillful boxing is all about.

Each would probe the other’s defense, come in and strike and immediately tie up their opponent.

One would think they would have grown tired sweating over each other but both fighters were crafty and careful and there was no abandonment to punched-out mayhem.

I had Fury on my card as the victor and it was apparent from the opening bell that Paul was not in his best form.

He had this look on his face like he had just eaten a lemon sandwich. He lacked his usual arrogance and flair. It seemed that there was something else on his mind messing with his focus. He looked defeated before the opening bell.

It didn’t help that his face was painted crimson by Tommy’s in-your-face jabs and right hands. He looked all red faced and flustered through the fight.

And let no one try to convince anyone that Tommy slipped in the last round. He caught a good one to the nose and I’m sure he was swallowing blood until the end of the round. You saw his corner wiping it off after the last bell while waiting for the decision.

There was good slipping, a few good solid punches, and clinching developed to an art form in the fight. Nothing spectacular or memorable, though.

A rematch would be cool, but I doubt it would garner the attention their first bout generated.

What we saw may be a prelude to the kind of fight we will see between Tyson Fury and Usyk.

Scientific? Yes. Brutal? Most definitely.

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