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Gervonta Davis adamant Ryan Garcia will need more than his left hook to beat him

Gervonta Davis spoke to the media about his April 22 fight with Ryan Garcia during the Los Angeles leg of their press tour.

Gervonta Davis doesn’t believe Ryan Garcia is well-rounded enough to deal with his skill level.
Gervonta Davis doesn’t believe Ryan Garcia is well-rounded enough to deal with his skill level.

Following up on the kickoff press conference in New York, Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia made their way to Los Angeles for the next stop of their press tour, formally announcing their April 22 fight in Las Vegas.

And as the two fighters got to talking, you could see the tension building in this fight that may be a catchweight prize fight but still holds weight with regards to the future of their respective careers.

“Come April 22, I’m gonna walk you to the deep waters and I’m gonna drown you,” Davis said. “They gonna have to pick you up. I promise you that.”

Davis would then go on to mention how Garcia only really has one weapon — the left hook — but that’s not enough for him to take on a fighter of his own caliber.

“This guy keeps talking about how he’s gonna hit me with a hook, but he doesn’t have anything else but a hook. What else have you got?” Davis questioned. “He’s not a complete fighter.

“When you’re a complete fighter, you can do everything. You can’t just depend on one punch. What happens when that punch doesn’t work? You have to rely on something else.”

Soon after Davis would discuss what this fight means for his career, viewing this as just the next roadblock to get over as he moves on to bigger and better things. Even still, however, Davis is promising a fun fight for the fans.

“I feel as though I’m already that top guy in the sport. This fight is just about me getting over the hump,” said Davis.

“This is gonna be an explosive fight. If you don’t watch boxing, this is the fight to watch for sure. If you can get there, make sure you’re there. If you can’t be there, buy the pay-per-view. Because this is gonna be a good one for me.”

On a more personal level, Davis goes on to say he doesn’t believe Garcia is really the person he portrays on social media, seeing it and a charade that will get exposed once the bell rings.

“He’s putting on a front for the people,” Davis said. “That’s what I see. I see a guy who’s an act. That’s what it is.

“Didn’t Ryan get caught by Luke Campbell? Do I hit way harder than Luke Campbell? Yes or no?

“I’ve put a lot of guys to sleep and Ryan is next.”

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