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David Benavidez says he’s not falling for Caleb Plant’s false bravado, confident he scores the stoppage

David Benavidez talks about his March 25 fight with Caleb Plant.

David Benavidez says he’s planning on putitng together his ring IQ, speed, power, and combinations to give Caleb Plant something he can’t handle.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As David Benavidez gets prepared for his upcoming showdown with Caleb Plant, Benavidez sits down with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV to have a lengthy conversation about this fight, his camp, and how eager he’s been to finally land a fight many years in the making. Check out some of what Benavidez had to say below with the full video interview in the link at the top.

Benavidez on his press conference with Plant

“Honestly, I had a blast. This is my first my first PPV press conference to get ready for a PPV, so I was having a good time...when I got there I put the press on Caleb Plant, I set the tone, I let him know what it’s gonna be. He tried to play his part, that he’s cool, calm, and collected, and I played my part — I’m the alpha, I go in, I’m setting the tone for shit.

“How come he wasn’t acting like that when he fought Canelo? He was rah rah, trying to talk all this shit until Canelo smacked the shit out of him, then he wanted to calm down. And he knew I would do exactly that, I would smack the shit out of him right there. So he knows when to act tough, he knows when to not act tough.

“He didn’t have shit to say when we were at the press conference, as soon as we get out they put the camera in his face, he’s by himself, he’s talking all this shit that he’s gonna break my dad’s head, that he’s gonna do this, he’s gonna do that. But I see that as weakness.

“When he was right there next to me he had nothing to say to me, he didn’t want no confrontation, he didn’t even want to look at me in my eye. And when he looked at me in my eyes his eyes were all watery. So he can fool people on the outside but he can’t fool me.”

On not having a face off at the presser

“I think what really kicked it off was in the morning when I tried to get in his face, but at the end of the day I’m not gonna put this fight in jeopardy. I’ve been waiting for this fight for five years. I’m not gonna hit Caleb Plant unless it really comes to it where he’s in my face and I had to do something. But at the end of the day I’m not gonna do nothing, I’m not stupid like that.

“I want people to be entertained before the fight. This is the shit they like to see — I like to see that type of shit, let’s heat it up a little bit. I think people need to stop being so goddamn emotional and if you want to see something that’s not contact, go watch volleyball, go watch baseball.”

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