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Ryan Garcia says he has no worries about the power of Gervonta Davis

Ryan Garcia talks to Brian Custer about his big upcoming PPV bout with Gervonta Davis.

Ryan Garcia says his preparation has him ready both mentally and physically heading into showdown with Gervonta Davis.

Ryan Garcia spent some time talking to Brian Custer on his Last Stand Podcast about the official announcement of his fight against Gervonta Davis and where his head is at during the build-up to the big event. Check out some excerpts of what Garcia had to say on his thoughts about the fight below.

Ryan Garcia on why is fight with Gervonta Davis is such a big one

“It’s big because we have two big fan bases. We capture fans outside of the hardcore boxing fans, so that brings an element that you can’t get from a lot of fighters. And then on top of it you capture the hardcore boxing fans. You’ve got two undefeated prime fighters that are putting everything on the line for the fans, for maybe a classic moment in the ring.

“And I think this hasn’t been seen in such a long time that this can start a resurgence in fighters fight now, bringing some life into the sport. This is the energy it needs, this is life, and I’m happy it’s coming back.”

On how he thinks his fight with Davis will play out

“I think this will be more of a thinking fight than people expect. Yes, there’s going to be fiery punches, yes, explosion will be there, but everybody’s gonna try to obviously impose their will at some point in the fight and it’s how you handle that.

“I know Gervonta has the intention, from what I heard, is to at some point to walk me down and keep the pressure on to me. So obviously I have to be prepared for that and it’s obviously something that I already thought he was gonna do because he thinks my small frame and maybe I’m not physically strong enough to keep him off but he has another thing coming for him. I don’t look as strong as him but trust me, I’m strong.”

On why this fight is happening at a 136 lb catchweight

“Because I picked the fans and I picked boxing first. That’s something that I get satisfaction from. Fulfillment is when I sacrifice a part of me for everybody else. That’s what life is about.

“I just didn’t have enough pride to say no. I wanted to do this for the fans and I didn’t want my words to fall through again because last time they played games and everybody looked at me as a liar so this time I didn’t want that to happen.”

On those who question whether he can stand up to Davis’ power after getting dropped by Campbell

“Things happen in the ring. I’m not scared, I’m not worried about his power. If you catch me, you catch me. If you don’t, you don’t. Power only matters if you don’t see it. At the end of the day, if I’m seeing his punches they’re not going to get knocked out by the shot that you don’t see, that’s what people don’t understand.”

On his main source of confidence heading into this fight

“My level-headed, my emotional balance, and my strategic mind... I feel like my preparation will stop any nerves I ever had.

“When you’re prepared you don’t really get ruffled from anything.”

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