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Caleb Plant says if David Benavidez shows inability to adapt he’ll likely get caught

Caleb Plant will look to feel out and set traps for David Benavidez that could make for another showstopper.

Caleb Plant will look to utilize his skill and IQ to set up big punches on David Benavidez.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During an interview with Fight Hype, Caleb Plant talks about the backlash he’s received by utilizing David Benavidez’s name as a domain to sell merchandise, and also touches on what he’ll be looking to do against Benavidez inside the ring as well. Plant and Benavidez clearly aren’t on friendly terms, and will do battle on March 25th in a fight a long time in the making. Here’s some of what Plant had to say.

Plant on getting a cease and desist letter from Benavidez’s lawyer

“Well, they’ve sent me one. They sent me a cease and desist letter before, speaking on one of the times he got in trouble. But he did have a lawyer reach out about the website domain. They didn’t send a cease and desist letter but they did have a lawyer reach out. But me and his lawyer know they can’t do anything about that so that’s about as far as it went, was a phone call.”

On if he’ll be looking to work Benavidez’s body in their fight to set up a big shot to the head.

“It’s a lot of things that set up that, some things on my end, some things on his end. And once I saw what he was doing I just continued to lay the trap until I felt it was time. And March 25th is no different. We have traps set, and if he keeps doing the same thing over and over, if he’s not able to make adjustments, he’s likely to run into one of those.”

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