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How to watch Benavidez vs Plant, more: Boxing streaming and TV schedule for March 21-25, 2023

David Benavidez faces Caleb Plant in the headline fight of a busy week!

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David Benavidez faces Caleb Plant in the headline fight of a busy week
David Benavidez faces Caleb Plant in the headline fight of a busy week
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tuesday, March 21

DAZN, 6:00 am ET, Zhankosh Turarov vs Alejandro Meneses. Turarov is a decent fighter, but he also seems to have no interest in taking his pro career very seriously, so why should you? Still, this is available. DAZN seem to believe that quantity will trump quality, or at least they understand how little quality they can truly offer so they might as well bring quantity.

Wednesday, March 22

ProBox TV, 8:00 pm ET, Mohamed Soumaoro vs Angel Vazquez. ProBox from Plant City! You know how it goes by now. Soumaoro “upset” prospect Jusiyah Shirley on ProBox in December, and he’s rewarded with a main event slot, as it should work for this sort of series/franchise/whatever you’d call what ProBox are doing. Vazquez is unbeaten, 22 and from Mexico. BLH will have live coverage.

Thursday, March 23

Social Media, TBA, Benavidez vs Plant press conference. We’ll be here, because these guys have brought some fire to their meetings so far. BLH will have live coverage.

ESPN+ and Social Media, 4:00 pm ET, Ramirez vs Commey press conference.

ESPN+, 7:00 pm ET, Christian Mbilli vs Carlos Gongora. This is actually a very, very good matchup! Mbilli has emerged as a contender at 168 and Gongora, though he lost to Lerrone Richards, is still in the mix, too, and the style matchup could be a tough one for both guys.

Friday, March 24

Social Media, TBA, Benavidez vs Plant weigh-in. Again, we’ll be here. BLH will have live coverage.

ESPN+ and Social Media, 3:00 pm ET, Ramirez vs Commey weigh-in.

ESPN+, 3:00 pm ET, Ivan Zucco vs Germaine Brown.

Channel 5 (UK), 6:00 pm ET, Lyndon Arthur vs Braian Nahuel Suarez.

Saturday, March 25

ProBox TV, 3:00 pm ET, Lawrence Okolie vs David Light. Hey! Another nice international pickup for ProBox, and this one far more than Miller vs Browne gives the indication that ProBox are going to look to be a real player for shows like this. The undercard features Frazer Clarke, Karris Artingstall, and more UK prospects and rising names. BLH will have live coverage.

ESPN+, 6:55 pm ET, Ramirez vs Commey prelims.

YouTube and Facebook, 7:00 pm ET, Benavidez vs Plant prelims. Kevin Gonzalez vs Jose Sanmartin and Orestes Velazquez vs Marcelino Lopez will feature, a pair of 10-round fights.

DAZN, 8:00 pm ET, Jose Zepeda vs Neeraj Goyat. This is a fight that’s happening down in Mexico. It would be welcome as something to watch on many nights, but it’s a distant third option on this one.

SHO PPV, 9:00 pm ET, David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant. This has a bit of big fight buzz, in part because the fighters have done a good job hyping on both sides. You can order through normal cable and satellite, or through Showtime directly, or through if you’re looking for a good streaming option, all priced at $74.99. The undercard is solid, if nothing super exciting. BLH will have live coverage.

ESPN and ESPN+, 10:00 pm ET, Jose Ramirez vs Richard Commey. This is a decent fight, but obviously the second choice for basically anybody on Saturday. Still, if you’re going to have this on, whether you just don’t want to pay for Benavidez vs Plant or whatever, we’ll have live coverage because John is stepping in to provide a second option. BLH will have live coverage.

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