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Tony Harrison says opponents Tim Tszyu has faced to become top contender is disgusting

Needless to say, Tony Harrison isn’t impressed by how Tim Tszyu got to his #1 WBO position.

Tony Harrison says Tim Tszyu has had a much easier path up up the WBO rankings.

In the lead up to next weekend’s junior middleweight fight between Tim Tszyu and Tony Harrison, Harrison talks to Sporting News Australia after making his way Down Under, to talk about how he’s feeling leading into the match, and why he’s confident in how he’ll perform. Check out some excerpts of what Harrison had to say below.

Harrison on how it feels being in Australia for his upcoming fight

“It’s hard to find it anywhere when the trip is not leisure. So I’ve been taking the same commute everyday from here to the hotel, hotel to the gym, from the gym to the run, so I haven’t really been able to check out the scene, check out the vibe in Australia. But I will, though.”

On how he’s physically feeling from the long flight and time difference

“It’s catching up. I’m almost there. I’m probably not 100% there but I’m almost there. So I feel my body catching up with my mind.”

On if the positive vibes between Tszyu and himself is just a ploy to get in his head

“Nah, it’s hard not to come in friendly with a guy that’s friendly. I mean, I have no hate in my body towards him. He’s just a good, nice competitor. So it’s hard to come in not nice against a guy like Tim — Tim is nice guy, man.”

On seeing holes in Tszyu’s armor, and having a game plan to capitalize

“I think you can say that in any fighter you watch. Everybody got habits, everybody got bad spots. You can see that in any fighter but I do see a lot of bad things in Tim, a lot of bad things that he do that’s not championship level shit.”

On Tszyu believing Australian fighters don’t get respect from their American counterparts

“I don’t think it has nothing to do with USA or Australia, I think it just comes down to the competition that he’s faced. His dad faced American after American after American, so I think it just comes down to the competition that he’s faced.

“Tim, the opponents you’ve faced have been shitty. So we just judge you on the guys that you’ve fought, not you from Australia. But you just fighting guys you’ve fought from Australia and the guy you fought to get to the #1 spot is fuckin’ disgusting.”

On Tszyu calling him skinny and looking to go to the body in their fight

“I mean, there ain’t too many places for him to go to. You can’t go to my nuts, you know what I’m saying? You gonna have to go for two spots, either my body or my head.”

On if he expects Tszyu to struggle making weight

“I don’t really know his regimen or how he does things...but I just don’t think nobody from Australia or America expected me to be as close to weight as I am right now — no weight cut, no drying out, no suffering. I’m literally in here eating what I want and I’m working out and I’m busting my ass and I’m training how I want, eating how I want. So it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that.”

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