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Eddie Hearn talks three options for Conor Benn’s next fight, including a ‘ready to go’ deal with Manny Pacquiao

Eddie Hearn hopes to settle on an opponent for Conor Benn in short order.

Eddie Hearn says Manny Pacquiao’s team really want to secure fight with Conor Benn.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During a video interview with Fight Hub TV, Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn gives an update on working on Conor Benn’s next fight — possibly coming against a legend — as well as some other topics like Anthony Joshua’s new situation in Texas, working with Derrick James. Check out some excerpts of what Hearn had to say below.

Hearn on the talks between Conor Benn and Manny Pacquiao

“There’s three fights. Chris Eubank Jr, which is still the fight I want because we lost that last time and now they can’t stand each other. Last time it was like a family legacy, now it’s just pure hatred. Like these guys are DMing each other everyday going at it, so I like that build up.

“Manny Pacquiao wants the (Benn) fight badly. Again, when you talk about criticism, Conor’s best wins are Chris Algieri and Chris Van Heerden, right? There was a lot of people that prior to his problems said ‘he’s never boxed anyone, he’s not that good,’ and now all of the sudden a fight with Manny is a horrific mismatch because Conor is this unbelievable fighter at 147 pounds.

“The end of the day that’s a big fight that I’ve discussed with Sean Gibbons. You’ve seen social media, they’re on me non-stop to make that fight.

“The Kell Brook fight is a tremendous fight, but that is a fight for the UK. Obviously with the legal stuff going on right now with the British Boxing Board of Control, I don’t think (Benn’s) next fight will be in the UK. But it’s definitely between those three who I think Conor will fight next, and we will hopefully make a decision next week.”

On how close they are on terms for a Pacquiao fight

“It’s ready to go. We’ve had a couple of site offers, it’s just whether we select that fight out of the three. I want the Eubank fight...he’s not tied up (to a Liam Smith rematch). He wants to make the fight (with Benn) but he wants more money than he was getting for the last fight but he’s been beaten. But, boxing.”

On Benn’s current situation with the BBBofC

“There’s legal action proceeding. I want him to go to the board. Conor’s emotions are out of control because he feels like they fucked him. The board have been more vocal than ever, their ego is also out of control. So I need to sit both teams down and say ‘Listen, we want Conor to fight in the UK. What do you need, let’s try to find a solution.’

“The WBC have cleared him, he’s been reinstated in the rankings, he can fight anywhere in the world except Britain. And I want him to fight in Britain so that’s the next stage.“

On how Anthony Joshua’s training with Derrick James has been going

“Great. I mean, very different surroundings to what he’s used to. Being the star that he is in the UK...this is just stripping it back to sawdust and spit — still a nice gym but a tiny gym and no egos in there, you do your fuckin’ work. And I think he’s enjoyed that. I was there yesterday, it’s about 120 degrees in the gym. Errol Spence was in there, just working, sparring without a date really and I think it just shows you what it takes and I think he’s enjoyed that.”

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