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Sebastian Fundora plans to prove he’s among 154 elite against Brian Mendoza

Sebastian Fundora headlines on Showtime, April 8.

Sebastian Fundora believes he’s proving his worth with each and every outing.
Sebastian Fundora believes he’s proving his worth with each and every outing.
Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Super welterweight giant Sebastian Fundora is officially scheduled for his next appearance on April 8, when he’ll headline a PBC on Showtime card against Brian Mendoza. During a virtual press conference previewing and promoting the fight, Fundora emphasized that each and every fight is important as he awaits a shot at a major world title.

“I feel like I’ve been proving myself over and over again,” Fundora said. “We’re waiting for our shot to fight for the title. They keep putting guys in front of me who they say will knock me out or expose me, but I keep proving them wrong.”

Physically, Fundora has been preparing himself with a rigorous training camp so he’ll be ready to bring the ammunition come fight night.

“Camp has been really good for me,’ Fundora continued. “We’ve been training hard and getting ready for another exciting fight in Carson. Just expect fireworks. I’m bringing my best, so I hope he brings his best.

“I’m always ready to go toe-to-toe. Everyone I fought has been strong guys and Mendoza is another. We’re just going to go for the win like always.”

And while Mendoza might not be the biggest name out there, Fundora doesn’t want to fall into the trap of overlooking his opponent because that when disastrous mistakes can really push a fighter back.

“This fight is as important as every other fight before,” Fundora said. “Mendoza is a contender as well and we’re not looking at him lightly. We have to get past Mendoza if we want to even think of fighting for the championship.

“Mendoza had a great performance in his last fight and he looked strong. I didn’t see anything different from him really. We knew he was strong.

“I’m just building up. My dad and I had plans that we talked about and we talked about contending and fighting for a title around this age. Things are working out. We’re where we want to be and just looking to get that title fight soon.”

Fundora would also mention that he cannot be completely sure what Mendoza will be bringing to this fight, but he just knows that he needs to be ready to handle business on his side if he’s to move upward and onward.

“We’re going to have to see what he brings on April 8. I have to prove myself again,” said Fundora. “We both have chips on our shoulders. We want to become champions and we have to win on April 8 to do so.

“I feel like some people are trying to skip me in order to fight for the title, but I’m remaining patient and staying focused on this fight. I just have to keep moving forward while everything else gets dealt with.”

So in order to further develop his skill set, the mighty tall Fundora says he’s been working on making better use of his size and reach.

“I’m using my jab and using my distance more,” Fundora would say. “I’ve always been able to do it, but I’m more comfortable with it now. Lubin was really in my chest, so the fight didn’t really call for it. Against Ocampo I was able to use those skills more.

“We never pick anybody, I just get the assignment and go for it. Mendoza is coming off a big win and we said ‘heck yeah’ to the fight. It’s a good fight for the fans and a good fight for us.

“Mendoza is gonna find out that I’m the next world champion at super welterweight.”

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