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Jose Benavidez Sr says he’ll never settle his beef with Caleb Plant, even after the fight

Jose Benavidez Sr says Caleb Plant has said and done too much for them to ever shakes hands.

Jose Benavidez Sr explains why his family’s feud with Caleb Plant can ever be fully settled.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

After the festivities of yesterday’s final press conference for this weekend’s Showtime PPV, headlined by David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant, Benavidez’s father Jose Sr spoke to Fight Hub TV about how much this fight means to them and why their personal beef with Plant has gone too far to even settle it with this fight. Here’s some of what he had to say.

Benavidez Sr fans who have commented that David might have overtrained for this fight

“You know, that’s the thing that I always heard in life — overtrain, overtrain. How the hell are you going to get somewhere? Hard work, man. You know the secret to success is hard work.

“I would say is we’re working super hard and then he’s gonna go party or not sleep, you can overwork like that. But if you’re focused and you’re fresh — at the end of the day I can say a lot of things. We’ll see it on Saturday if he’s overworked, because he worked super hard for this fight. I’ll tell you that he’s never worked this hard.

“I hope Caleb trained hard also because if not he’s gonna be in big trouble.”

On the possibility of Benavidez losing focus on the game plan and just going after Plant once he lands the first good punch

“We worked on a lot of things, but I’ll be realistic. We gotta go round by round and see how we do because at the end of the day we can have a plan but if you have a fighter that’s not committing and is moving around and is not cooperating, guess what, we’re gonna have to go and adjust to other things.

“So we’re just gonna go and see the first round and feel him out and get loose and from there on there’s no stop.”

On how satisfying a win over Plant would be

“It would be the biggest fight of our careers, I believe. We’ve been trying to get this fight for almost five years. This guy is always talking shit on me, he’s been bullying David for years and years about saying that he’s fat, and try to put him down, and doing all these things. This would be the biggest satisfaction of all time for me, to knock this guy out or make him quit on the stool. That will be a great satisfaction.

“All these other fighters that we fight, a lot of respect, we become friends. But this guy, there’s no way. This guy is a bad person. He’s trying to act nice, but at the end of the day we’re here to work and keep progressing and make history.”

On the chance of them shaking hands and settling things with Plant once the fight is over

“I would never go shake this guy’s hand, never. Never. Never. Never, man. To be honest with you, I will do it with anybody else but this guy has made so much damage to my family and talked so much shit about my family.

“And I’ll tell you right now, at one point I went up there and I begged him as the man I am, I told him ‘please man, couldy ou just take the fuckin’ drugs out of all this? Say you’re gonna knock him out, you can do whatever the fuck you want.’ He looked in my eyes and he said ‘You know what Mr. Benavidez, I’m gonna stop that.’ And I thanked him so much, because that really hurt me, man.

“He has damaged my family so much, man. And then the next day he started doing the same shit. So I would never, I would never shake his hand.”

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