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Benavidez vs Plant scorecards and results: Round-by-round breakdown of how David Benavidez beat Caleb Plant

David Benavidez earned his win over Caleb Plant tonight.

David Benavidez earned his win over Caleb Plant tonight
David Benavidez earned his win over Caleb Plant tonight
Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

David Benavidez got the big grudge match win tonight over Caleb Plant, but how exactly did the judges score the fight?

Well let’s take a look!

Here’s how the judges scored it, round-by-round (thanks to Showtime Boxing):

Through three rounds: Plant led 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27 through three rounds, with judge Tim Cheatham — who actually wound up with the closest score, 115-113 for Benavidez — having it a shutout in Plant’s favor.

Through six rounds: Cheatham had it 59-55 through six, scoring the fight clearly for Plant, while judge Dave Moretti had it 58-56 for Plant and judge Steven Weisfeld had it 57-57, all evened up at the midway point.

Through nine rounds: After nine, the fight had tilted in Benavidez’s favor. He led 87-84 on Weisfeld’s card, and 86-85 on Moretti’s. Plant still had a narrow lead on Cheatham’s card at 86-85, but with Benavidez winning four straight.

Down the stretch: Benavidez dominated the stretch run and, in fact, the entire second half of the fight. He won the last three rounds on every card; in fact, he won the last six rounds on every single card.

My card that doesn’t matter: I gave Plant the opening two, then had Benavidez evening things up through four. It was 57-57 through six, but from that sixth round on, I agree it was all David Benavidez, and he wound up a 116-112 winner for me.

How did you score the fight?

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