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Chris Colbert says he won’t give rematch to ‘sore loser’ Jose Valenzuela

Chris Colbert didn’t like Jose Valenzuela’s reaction to official decision, and says now he’s going back to 130.

Chris Colbert says if Jose Valenzuela would’ve taken his loss like a man he would’ve been inclined to give him a second fight.
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Immediately following his close unanimous decision win over Jose Valenzuela on Saturday night, Chris Colbert appeared at the post-fight press conference as retracted his offer of giving Valenzuela a rematch of highly debatable decision.

Colbert would edge the fight on official scores of 95-94, while BLH scored the fight 95-94 in favor on Valenzuela on two different scorecards, and a considerable majority of social media responses said that Valenzuela deserved the win.

But considering how much displeasure Valenzuela displayed in the ring over the decision, Colbert says he’s no longer interested in offering him a rematch, saying he’s just a sore loser.

“This is boxing,” Colbert said. “Sometimes you’re going to face adversity but you just never get respected. When they gonna respect me? I came off a 13-month layoff, got into the ring with a 135 pounder that’s way bigger than me, and I swam with sharks. I got dropped, got up, and won the fight. When they gonna respect me?

“I knew it was a close fight. I’m an honest critic to myself, I knew it was a close fight. I said ‘Damn, that knockdown, might be a draw. I don’t want no draw, I want to win.’ But in boxing sometimes you’re gonna win pretty, and sometimes you ain’t. Today just wasn’t a pretty win but it don’t matter, I got the win.

“I can’t really say his power was like nothing crazy. Every time I can say that he really caught me with those unleashing shots is because every time he first throw the left hand, he would thumb me in my eye and it would blind my vision. Every time with the left hand it would blind my vision, and then I would tighten up and he would just start throwing. But I know every time that he did that he’s gonna get tired.

“And ‘35 was just to come back, just to prove something, but I’m going back down to my weight class.”

Then, when Colbert was asked if he would give Valenzuela a rematch as he offered in the ring, he gave a quick response.

“Fuck no,” Colbert immediately responded. “He was being a sore loser. He should’ve never been a sore loser. If he would’ve took the loss like a man I would’ve gave him a rematch, like I took my loss like a man when I lost. I’d have gave him a rematch but he was being a sore loser so now he ain’t getting nothing.”

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